The Zartex is an emergency four-door sedan in Driver: Parallel Lines.

The car is used by the NYPD to chase the player when they have heat.


The overall shape and design of the Zartex resembles the 1977 Dodge Diplomat, used by the NYPD in the 1970s in real life. Reflecting the New York Police Department's color scheme of the 1970s, the car sports a light blue base color with a white livery and additional emblems and lights. A white stripe runs down either belt-line (side) of the car, and at the rearmost and front-most points, the vehicle identification number is marked, again in white. "New York Police" emblems are found on each front door, appearing as a golden 6-pointed star with blue markings in the center. On the trunk, "POLICE" is again marked in white. Everything above the belt line features a white scheme; all the pillars and the roof are painted white. The rear lighting units consist of rear lights, braking lights, reverse lights in the center and turning signals on the outer. The front is mad up of a trapezium-shaped grille and large twin-headlamps enclosed in one glass unit. Both the front and the rear feature yellow license plates.


Bodywork Description License Plate
Zartex-DPL-Bodywork1 Bodywork 1 — "Peace", this bodywork features a custom American flag based vinyl with the stripes based after the A pillar of the vehicle, and the stars along the hood and front fenders. The vehicle features numerous peace symbols and a custom police badge on the front doors. The date "1066" is found on the roof. In terms of accessories, it features a custom rear wing finished in blue, as well as side skirts and a front bullbar, both finished in silver. Underneath the front bumper is also the addition of a front diffuser in black. The vehicle features a big-bore exhaust system exposed largely. PEACE
Zartex-DPL-Bodywork2 Bodywork 2 — "Forensics Division", this bodywork follows a forensics theme, with the primary color being black. The vehicle's skin features numerous logos and graffiti-style paintwork. On the front end is the front diffuser found on the first bodywork, but the front bullbar is omitted. The vehicle now features a high performance supercharger, with the "bug-catcher" itself being exposed from the vehicle, finished in silver. A rear whale-tail spoiler. It also features extended front, side and rear skirts. The vehicle now features a big-bore exhaust system like the previous bodywork, albeit enclosed in the rear bumper extensions. FORENSIC
Zartex-DPL-Bodywork3 Bodywork 3 — "Eagle Force", this bodywork is essentially the same as the first bodywork, following the same extra accessories, only a new livery is applied to the vehicle. The livery is now orange and purple based, with a purple stripe running half way down the vehicle. An "EAGLE FORCE" logo appears on the doors, hood and trunk of the vehicle. FORCE
Zartex-DPL-Bodywork4 Bodywork 4 — "Mallisons!", this bodywork is essentially the same as the second bodywork, following the same extra accessories, only a new livery is applied to the vehicle. The livery is now focused around a doughnut brand, named "Mallisons!" in-game. The livery is painted white and pink, hinting at the doughnut toppings and fillings. The logo appears on the roof, hood, side and trunk of the vehicle. The rear whale-tail spoiler is finished in black. DOUGHNUT


The vehicle is a good pick for speed and maintaining it. It has good handling, but is slightly weak for head on collisions, it is able to reach top speeds very quickly, and is powered by a V8 engine, and a rear-wheel-drive train.

Performance OverviewEdit

Gears Engine Acceleration
(0-60 mph)
Top Speed
(mph / km/h)
4-speed manual gearbox V8 3.3 Seconds 120 mph (193.1 km/h)
Vehicle Upgrades

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Nitro Kit
Ray's Autos Statistics




1978 Era
  • Spawns all over the map, driven by the New York Police Department.
  • Will respond in the vicinity if the player commits a crime.
  • Spawns on a corner of the Airport entrance, where it will be permanently stationary.
2006 Era

Note: The Zartex is a 1978 Era-exclusive vehicle, therefore it will not spawn in the 2006 Era naturally.

  • Does not spawn in the 2006 Era.
  • Can be driven by the player in the 2006 Era by using the Era change feature, however, it will not spawn on the streets.

Trivia Edit

  • The picture above shows the beta Zartex, this had a red and blue light bar, the final version has the more classic spinning bulb lights.
    • This was probably done to make it seem more realistic, as LED light bulbs weren't used in the 1970's.
  • The license plate on this vehicle will read "6118".
  • Two Zartexs are seen in the introductory scene when loading the game, chasing a red Cerrano.[1][2]
    • A civilian version of the Zartex can be seen used by Slink, Bishop, Candy and Mexican in Kidnap and Ransom, used as a gang car. It is colored beige. The car is once again seen briefly, driven by TK, in The Mexican, where he dumps the Mexican's body near Corrigan.[3]
  • In the PC version, the Zartex shares its siren with the SWAT Van and the Prison Van.
  • This vehicle shares its rim design with the Wayfarer and Wayfarer Turbo.
  • The Zartex reuses the model from Driv3r's "Miami Police Car", with changes made to the grille and light bar.

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