Weapons are instruments which are designed to cause physical damage through the means of firing a bullet or other projectile.

Driver: Parallel Lines features a selection of weapons available, which are unlocked while progressing through the game's story line. The weapons unlocked in the 1978 era differ from those unlocked in the 2006 era, and use of weapons in the opposing era is not possible in the game.

List of WeaponsEdit

1978 Era 2006 Era


Weapon Ammo Max Capacity Damage
Revolver 8 9999 (infinite) Low
44H 7 70 Low
Service 9 32 960 Medium
Shotgun 8 160 Medium
LI-15 30 600 High
Grenade Launcher 1 10 High
Pistol 10 9999 (infinite) Low
Gangster 8 120 Low
F-70 50 2000 Medium
SF-10 40 1200 Medium
AUST PUP 30 900 High
Shotgun 06 12 240 Medium
RPG 1 10 Very High
BLAINE 99 500 Very High



  • The standing and holding animation/positions are shared between weapon types; the player stands relatively far forward and aims closely with the LI-15, Grenade Launcher and Shotgun, whereas he stands further back with the Service 9, Revolver and 44H.
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