Randalls and Wards Islands, or simply Ward Island is a small island situated in the East River featured in Driver: Parallel Lines.


The island is situated in the center of the East River and serves as a base for the connection of all three parts of the Triborough Bridge. The island has three boroughs surrounding it; Bronx to the north, Manhattan to the west and Queens to the east. The Triborough Bridge has a intersection based on top of the island where each bridge takes traffic to each of the aforementioned boroughs.

The island itself is completely deserted. Unlike the real-life Ward Island, the island remains completely empty, with no signs of buildings or roads, nor any access roads to get onto the land itself. The island is not solid, so if the player manages to get onto the island itself, they will simply fall through the land. The island serves as an excellent viewpoint to look out in all directions, towards Manhattan, Queens and The Bronx, as it remains one of the highest locations in the game (since the bridge from Manhattan to Wards Island is based on the highest point of Harlem, also level with Bronx).


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