The Unnamed Thief, also named as "Robber"[1], is a minor character in Driver: Parallel Lines. Nothing much is known about the thief, other than he was helped by TK at the start of the game to rob a liquor store in Manhattan, and is dropped off in Harlem. The thief doesn't talk much during the escape from the police, and mostly insists on TK speeding up and getting him away from the cops. The thief seems relatively experienced, as the last words from him are "this is where I disappear".[2]



  1. Image:

    Story board image, naming the character simply "robber".

  2. Video:
    Driver- Parallel Lines - Introduction & First Mission (HD)

    Driver- Parallel Lines - Introduction & First Mission (HD)

    "Thanks a lot kid, this is where I disappear". - 4:16.

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