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Tokens, also known as Stars, are collectibles found in Driver: Parallel Lines.

The tokens are yellow 5-pointed rotating stars floating around the map. There are 100 in the game; 50 in the 1978 era, and another 50 in the 2006 era. Of each era, the stars are in special places usually requiring the player to complete a stunt jump in order to reach the star.


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When a certain number of stars are collected, the player unlocks new features in the game

  • 10 Tokens: Health Increase - The player is given a 150% health capacity.
  • 20 Tokens: Nitrous Increase - The time length of nitrous bottles are doubled.
  • 30 Tokens: Double Ammunition Capacity - The maximum capacity of all weapons is doubled.
  • 40 Tokens: Double Car Durability - Cars are now twice as durable.
  • 50 Tokens: Free Vehicle Upgrades - All upgrades in Ray's Autos are free.

These unlockables account to the total amount of stars collected over the due course of the game, meaning these can be collected in the 1978 era, 2006 era, or both, for example the player could collect 25 in the 1978 era and 25 in the 2006 era and still unlock all of the features.

Token LocationsEdit

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1978 eraEdit

# Location Map Notes

2006 eraEdit

# Location Map Notes
Player must drive up to the top deck of the multi-story car park using the entrance, and run-up from the far side of the building to the ramp off the edge.
Underneath the freeway. Player must drive from the road just north of the location, driving between the roadway's pillars, and use the hill to reach the star.
Off the edge of the L-Train tracks. Player must gain as much speed on the tracks and quickly drive off the edge.
Edge of the freeway off-ramps. Player must start from the land at the western side of the freeway, use the hill mounds at the side of the road as a ramp and jump to the star at the other side of the road.
Next to the footpath bridge in the park. Should use the rocks that ramp from the east side of the bridge to jump. Vehicle is likely to spin in midair.
Hidden location. Use the eastern-point entrance in-between the car park and the complex, progress through the maze of walls and reach to the back of the container.
Requires the player to make a jump over a footpath using the rocks at either side.
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