Times Square in 1978, looking south.


Times Square in 2006, looking north.

Times Square is a major commercial intersection and neighborhood in Midtown, Manhattan, New York, appearing in Driver: Parallel Lines.


The complex consists of the iconic Broadway and 7th Avenue intersecting. The two roads, each 6 lanes wide, meet together in Midtown, surrounded by a large amount of commercial buildings, high rise apartments and skyscrapers. The landmark appears with the iconic bright lights, billboards and advertisements, as well as the two main buildings; One Times Square and Two Times Square, appearing at either end of the intersection.


Eastern face of the complex in 2006


Western face of the complex in 2006

In the central island, population can be, at times, high, with many people crowding round. Multiple Doughnut Stands and food stands appear in the central island, with a metal barrier separating the two "halves" of the area, parallel to the roads themselves. On either side of Times Square are many shops and businesses, with advertisements in the windows. Above so are apartments, with billboards and news tickers surrounding the buildings. Larger billboards can also be seen above what appear to be cinemas.

One Times Square and Two Times Square bear larger billboards, as well as tickers surrounding the building. Tickers advertising Durty Burger, as well as news about the New York Police Department.

Large billboards advertising the first Assassin's Creed and Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell games, both of which published by Ubisoft as well, can be seen on the eastern side of the complex. In the 1978 era, the Atari logo can be seen, hinting towards their contributions in releasing Driver: Parallel Lines on the PlayStation 2 and Xbox. The Ubisoft Reflections logo can also be found, hinting the PC and Wii releases of the game.


There are less billboards in 2006 than there are in 1978. It should also be noted that the billboards feel a neon touch in 1978, compared to 2006.

1978 EraEdit

  • Panamni 
  • Richmond Coffee
  • Wilks
  • Motel
  • Four Star
  • Golds Beer
  • Tiav
  • Metro
  • Wazzo Wax
  • KY7
  • Dham
  • Mincers Spearmint
  • TV View
  • Photo Pick (Canon)
  • Mondo 
  • Drugs Store
  • Manta Perfume
  • Atari

2006 EraEdit

Prominent Appearances in MissionsEdit

1978 Era
  • Nickel and Dime - T.K must flee from pursuing cops and drop off a robber. He is seen driving through back-alleys and eventually plowing through into the heart of Times Square during the first part of the mission.
  • Bread Run - Several of the clubs T.K needs to collect money for Slink are found around Midtown and Times Square.



  • Chronologically, Times Square is the first place the player visits and gains control of the character.


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