Bronx is a borough in New York, it features in Driver: Parallel Lines.

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Bronx is a small borough in game, but contains a lot of neighborhoods. It is, like most boroughs, full of industrial areas and businesses. Hunts Point located in north Bronx is the setting of one of T.K's garages, Rays Autos. Many factories are surrounding the coasts of the borough, and a small but steep gorge breaks through a small section of Bronx, there are also some apartments in Bronx.

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1978 Era Edit

Many muscle cars, like Andecs and Cerranos are seen roaming the streets, and a Courier is frequently parked in a backstreet cul-de-sac near Rays Autos. Wrecked cars are frequently found in grass patches and land fields. Near the border between Brooklyn and Bronx, a small power station can be found, inside, are barrels and benches, this is actually the setting of the mission 'Gunman'.

2006 Era Edit

The vehicles spawning changes dramatically, seeing hardly any muscle cars or low-riders roam the roads, Torrexs, SUVs and Buses are now found frequently, and a Boltus is now found in the same cul-de-sac the Courier spawned in.

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