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Street Race - Easy is a street race featured in Driver: Parallel Lines.


Upon starting the race, the title of the specific race will be displayed; the first race is "Redhook South", second is "Long Island North" and third is "Jamaica East". They will run in order - once completing the first race, returning back to the starting corona will load the second race up. The races will cycle if the player wishes to redo all of them. The starting location is at a Durty Burger branch in Brooklyn.

Unlike Circuit Races, the player is allowed to user weapons in the race. Note that the other cars in the race are very immune to weapons, however the player can use the Grenade Launcher to completely destroy them.

There are a series of 6 races, 3 per era. Unlike Circuit Races, the circuit raced is not reproduced in the next era. Note that if the player completes, for example, the "Easy" Street Race for the first time, the next time they replay "Easy", the race will be different. After replaying a second time, the loop restarts, and the first race is played again, the fourth third time replayed. When combining the number of Street Races completely, there is a total of 18 different circuits, 6 per difficulty (Easy, Medium and Hard), 9 per era.


1978 EraEdit

1: Redhook EastEdit

2: Jamaica NorthEdit

3: Coney Island SouthEdit

2006 EraEdit

1: Redhook SouthEdit

2: Long Island NorthEdit

3: Jamaica EastEdit

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