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Stick Up is a Side-Job featured in Driver: Parallel Lines.


The Stick Up mini-game requires the player to aid robbers in escaping the crime-scene. The side-job is available at various locations on the map, and can be triggered by entering a car marked by a purple mask hovering above it. The robber that needs to be picked up is always located in a fixed position (however, location does depend on start point of side job) and will gain the player heat as soon as they enter the car. The location for drop off will then be marked on the map. The player must escape the pursuing police before reaching the drop off.


A stick up is wanted by the police and wants a wheelman to drop him off to a location to lay low from the police. TK's "profession" as a wheelman makes him reasonable for the job, and TK uses a marked vehicle to pick up and drop off a robber tailed by the police.


Go pick up the robber! [Back to top]
  • Once the player enters the vehicle, they are told to pick up the robber. He will be located in the same position each time, only depending on the starting point of the mission (each starting point has its own fixed location for the robber). They are given 1 minute to reach the robber. Once there, the player will have to stop the car to allow the robber to get in.
*NOTE: The robber's instructions are now audible and no on-screen objectives appear
  • The robber will tell the player to drop him off at yet another fixed location. Police will spawn near the car and pursue. The player must lose the tail before reaching the location. Unlike the pick-up, the drop-off doesn't have a time limit.


The following locations may use coordinates (yellow), road names or named districts listed only on the beta map. If necessary, please expand this section to reveal the beta map.




1978 Era
2006 Era



  1. Only when reaching the robber


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