The SWAT emblem.

The Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) is a law enforcement agency run in New York, appearing in Driver: Parallel Lines.

Description Edit

SWAT are dispatched when the player has a relatively high amount of heat on them. They usually arrive soon after killing or injuring at least 3 -4 NYPD Officers.

SWAT wear high gun-fire resistant clothing, taking on a blue and black color-scheme, similar to the real life NYPD Department of SWAT. They sometimes wear helmets to protect them from head injury, however, this doesn't make them anymore resistant when shooting at them. Their clothing makes them slightly harder to kill than NYPD officers, so it is advised to use a high accuracy, high power and high fire rate weapon to kill them successfully. The SWAT, unlike their real life counterpart, do not move in large groups, which makes them easier to target one-by-one.


When they arrive, they are not afraid to ram the player down with their SWAT Vans, so care must be taken when SWAT arrive. Once arrived, they will immediately shoot at the player, they do not take cover unless the player is out of sight, in which, they will hide from any unsuspected gunfire. The SWAT are known for their bad driving and reckless behavior, possessing even worse behavior than the NYPD, they are known to crash into other road users and run down citizens, or crash into buildings and trees, in order to perform a quick stop before they eliminate the player.



Vehicle Image Notes
SWAT Van SWATVan-DPL-front Arrives once a high amount of heat is gained. Carries 2 SWAT officers, usually equipped with LI-15s or Shotguns.


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