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Side-Jobs are side-missions appearing in Driver: Parallel Lines. There are many Side-Jobs available alongside the story-line.

List of Side-JobsEdit

Marked on map (Red)
Not marked on the map (Purple)

NOTE: Once all of each Side-Job is complete, the player can unlock special vehicles (special Wayfarer Turbo and Torrex Turbo for the Taxi Driver Side-Job complete).


Circuit RacesEdit

Main article: Circuit Races

Circuit Races are races that occur at each of the three Garages on the dedicated circuits. At each garage, there are three difficulties for these races: Easy, Medium, Hard.


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Loan SharksEdit

Main article: Loan Sharks

Steal to OrderEdit

Main article: Steal to Order

Not MarkedEdit

Trivia Edit

  • Pay Ray is the only mission where the player plays Side-Jobs to complete the mission.
  • All of the Side-Jobs from the 1978 era, except for Getaway Survival, are also featured in Driver 76.


Missions in Driver: Parallel Lines
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