The Security Van is a large armored bank van in Driver: Parallel Lines.

Design Edit

It has a very bulky shape, and seems to be based on an Armored International 4700 Series. Its livery is yellow and black, with decals reading A.V.A, possibly the bank or transport company initials. Possibly standing for Armored Van Alliance.

Performance Edit

Obviously the van is slow, but its heavy weight helps its strength and its durability.



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1978 EraEdit

2006 EraEdit

  • Still spawns around both districts, albeit very commonly.

Trivia Edit

  • The bulletproof windos are only bulletproof to a certain extent.
  • The chassis is the same as the Prison Van.
  • The Security Van is one of many vehicles with an anachronism; Despite being a 1978 vehicle, the license plate is that of the 2001-2010 license plate.
  • Unlike its prison variant, the Security Van features a damaged texture which will appear on the van when destroyed.

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