The Schweizer is a luxury 4-door sedan in Driver: Parallel Lines.


Being based closely on a 2006 Mercedes Benz CLS 55 AMG, it holds a very sleek and curved look, the front bares a logo, an 'S' (possibly short for 'Schweizer'). The car has a very long wheelbase, being the longest of 4-door sedans.

Performance Edit

The Schweizer is a very fast car for its vehicle type, being one of the fastest in its class.

Mission AppearancesEdit

  • Guardian Angel - Waves of hitmen arrive at the location where TK and Maria were supposed to meet in black Schweizers. After killing off the hitmen, TK can take one of the Schweizers as an escape vehicle.
  • Gauntlet - After Maria's driver is killed, the player must use Maria's Schweizer to get her to Redhook.


  • Manni owned a Schweizer until he was killed by gunmen.




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1978 Era

Note: The Schweizer is a 2006 Era vehicle, therefore it will not spawn in the 1978 Era naturally.

  • Does not spawn in the 1978 Era.
  • Can be seen driving around if the player has completed the game, and drives the vehicle in the 1978 Era using the Era Change feature.
  • Can also be done if the player uses the "all vehicles" cheat and drives the vehicle in the 1978 Era.
2006 Era


  • "Schweizer" is a German term that refers to something of Swiss origins.
  • A Schweizer, unchanged from it's Driver: Parallel lines appearance, can be found in a mission during Assassin's Creed II, a game by Ubisoft, which owns Reflections. 


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