The Rosalita is a 2-door lowrider appearing in Driver: Parallel Lines and Driver 76.


The car's design is inspired by that of classic lowriders; it features a low back, and a large chunky front. It comes only in convertible state, and the roof can not be retracted. It seems to take design after an Oldsmobile Delta 88, with a few elements of the 1964 Chevrolet Impala.


The car has, as expected, a slow acceleration, with an average top speed, and poor braking. The car seems to be powered by a powerful V8, however, the engine can't make the car as fast as expected, a major downside to this vehicle.





  • A bright red Rosalita is seen being driven by The Mexican during the post-mission cutscene for Hot Wheels. It closely resembles the in-game Rosalita, albeit with different hubcaps and missing branding on the trunk. The vehicle also seems to make a discrete appearance in Ransom, where it is seen in the background, colored green.[1]
  • This vehicle shares its rim design with the Fairview, albeit the Rosalita has darker tyres.



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