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Roost is a minor character in Driver: Parallel Lines. He is Slink's business partner in the 2006 Era, most likely his gunman.


2006 EraEdit

Roost is a man presumably in his late 30s to early 40s with brown eyes and light brown hair done up in long dreadlocks. The side of his left eye appears to have light green markings around the eyebags. He wears a blue and brown pukka necklace with white triangular-shaped beads, a black coat with green cannabis leaf designing, khaki pants, and brown sandals.

Description Edit

He appears when TK is talking with Slink about what the four had done for TK. Slink gives him the command to "blow [TK's] motherfucking head off", but his gun's magazine wasn't released, so it did not fire. TK, then did not spend time and shot him in the head, killing him and letting Slink escape.

Mission AppearancesEdit

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