The Refuse Truck is a waste disposal truck featured in Driver: Parallel Lines.


The Refuse Truck is based on a 1976 Autocar U-Model. It has a large and thin body, and has an un-interactive rear disposal point, in which the waste would be put. The front has a tall hood and grill, similar to the Boldius and Prison Van. The cab of the Refuse truck appears to be offset to one side to accommodate the single exhaust stack running vertically, mounted against the refuse storage itself, while the hood and front fenders remain inline with the chassis of the vehicle, and as such, one fender appears to be wider than the other. One side of the vehicle also features a single air filter canister mounted on the right-hand side of the vehicle, on the same side as the exhaust stack. The vehicle is able to have bodyworks fitted which adjust the scheme and apply liveries. The vehicle also features a flashing beacon mounted on the front end of the rear compartment which can be activated with the horn. Additional orange lights are found on the sides of the rear section which illuminate at night.

By default, the vehicle will always utilize a dual body color scheme of a faded/rust red cab section and a green refuse compartment.

Performance Edit

The truck, as is predicted, has a slow top speed, it can maintain it well once reached, but its braking and bad handling become a real threat, though that is no worry, as the shear size of this will push any car of the road.



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  • The truck shares its horn with the L-Train.


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