Ray's Autos is a garage in Driver: Parallel Lines.


Owned by Ray, the garage is first introduced to T.K in the 1978 Era in the first mission. In the second mission, the player is told to repossess a car and take it to the garage.

The garage is a large triangle roof garage, it has a wide entrance, and a small lifted section to the left where the player can access cars when entering the garage on foot. There is a computer screen for security cameras, as well as a notice board within the small office section on the left. Graffiti and pictures surround the walls, on both the interior and exterior. The main sign reads Ray's Autos, and is placed above the entrance.

Each garage has its own race track. The Kearny site has an off-road course, the Jersey Circuit, the LaGuardia site has an endurance racing track, the LaGuardia Circuit, and Hunts Point has a rally course, the Hunts Point Circuit.



1978 era

2006 era



  • Unlike the PC version, the Xbox and PlayStation 2 versions allow the player to rotate the camera around the selected vehicle in any Ray's Autos branch.
  • In the Xbox and PlayStation 2 versions, the weapon ammo restock icons are different to both the regular HUD weapon icons and also the in-game model of the weapon itself. This is fixed in the PC version, where all icons match the in-game and HUD models.
  • Express Yourself, by Charles Wright, plays inside Ray's Autos in the 1978 era in the PlayStation 2 and Xbox versions, while in the PC and Wii versions, Lowrider by WAR plays instead.
  • I Changed My Mind (MC's Rattle Snake Remix), by Lyrics Born, plays inside Ray's Autos in the 2006 era in the PlayStation 2 and Xbox versions, while in the PC and Wii versions, Muscle Car (Sander Kleinenberg's Pace Car Mix) by Mylo plays instead.


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