Quoteleft You better be ready, kid. The Colombians just made their play. Get down to that Manhattan multi-storey off Park Avenue. Top floor - there'll be a package in the back of a bike - the ransom money. When you pick it up, you may expect people to try and stop you. Escape across the rooftops and when you make it to the ground, the Mexican will be waiting. Get in the truck and get the hell out of there. Quoteright
Corrigan pre-mission.

Ransom is a mission in Driver: Parallel Lines. It is the 17th mission of the game and the final mission of the 1978 Era.


After the successful kidnap of Rafael Martinez by TK and the gang, the Colombians want their leader back, realizing his important role in the drug business. At the top of a multi-story parking lot in Manhattan they have installed a bike with a package on it, containing the ransom money. TK is sent to collect the package. When TK arrives however, it appears to be an ambush: several Colombians drive into the parking lot, while others block the entrance. While TK escapes across the roofs with the ransom money, he is being followed by the Colombians in a helicopter. TK makes various jumps across the rooftops of Manhattan before he jumps off onto the road, where he meets the Mexican, who is waiting for TK in a truck. After TK jumped into the truck, multiple Colombians in heavy-duty cars start chasing him, trying to stop the truck by providing it a rain of bullets. However, TK and the Mexican manage to shake off their pursuers and safely arrive at the warehouse in Hunts Point, where Corrigan, Bishop, Slink and Candy are waiting.

At the warehouse in Hunts Point, TK and The Mexican arrive with the ransom money, which TK opens upon arrival at the warehouse, with Corrigan watching TK. After a few seconds, Corrigan goes over to Rafael Martinez, asking him if he can take a 'message'. Martinez however, curses him in Spanish, causing Corrigan to shoot him dead. After doing so, Corrigan orders the crew to leave. After the crew drove off, Corrigan informs TK that someone is going to have to take responsibilty for the operation, and decides to frame TK. This causes Corrigan to put on his police badge, revealing that TK had been used as a scapegoat for the gang all along. Eventually, Corrigan shoots TK down, telling him that no one "gives a fuck" about him, before leaving the scene.

TK, having survived the gunshot from Corrigan, reveals that Corrigan was actually a corrupted undercover cop, having used TK as a scapegoat to frame him for the operation. Soon after, TK is put on trial, and is charged with murder, extortion and kidnap. He is jailed for 28 years (10,227 days) in Sing-Sing Prison. During this time, he decides to plan revenge on the five that had betrayed him each day, having "not wasted a single one".

28 years later, in 2006, TK, now 46 years old, is released from Sing-Sing, where he is greeted by his friend Ray, who is outside near TK's Cerrano. TK thanks Ray for arriving, with Ray winking. During his 28 years in prison, most of the crew that betrayed TK had used the money from the ransom to become successful in the criminal industry; Slink extended the Funky Rabbit into a place for adult entertainment shootings, and had sold off most of his strippers in place for younger hookers. Candy became the owner of an adult entertainment business and owned an "empire of trash". Bishop became a wealthy heroin dealer and co-owned Slink's pornography business, and Corrigan had now became the chief of the corrupted city police.


Get to the parking lot. [Back to top]
Get the bike with the package. It's on the roof. [Back to top]
  • When the player reaches the marker outside the parking lot, they're told to get to the bike. The bike holds the ransom package and is located on the roof (top level) of the parking lot. They will need to drive up various ramps to reach the top level.
You've got the ransom. [Back to top]
  • As soon as the player hops on the bike, multiple Colombians in black Land Roamers will enter the parking lot. They will sweep in from the ground entrance, with two additional units guarding the entrance after the rest have begun driving up the ramps. Shortly after this, a helicopter, presumably also owned by the Colombians will arrive and hover just above the car-park road. They will begin to drive onto the top deck in their vehicles.
Escape across the rooftops. [Back to top]
  • At this point, the player is handed back control and has to make their way across the rooftops. The bike's positioning means that directly ahead of them is a jump which leaps over the road onto the next rooftop. The player has to accelerate quickly and make the jump. The Cinematic Camera will follow lift-off. The helicopter will pursue and ground units will detour down the alleyway and/or the FDR Drive.
There are multiple jumps the player must complete. They must avoid large dumpsters and fencing on the rooftops and gain enough speed to make each jump. After several jumps, the player needs to switch sides (since there is two rows of building rooftops beside an alleyway), meaning one of the jumps requires the player to jump over a road and diagonally jump across to the other row of buildings. From here, more jumps are needed to be completed.
At the end of the rooftop, the player has to jump off onto the road, just in front of the construction site. The player needs to enter this construction site via the entrance on FDR Drive.
Get on the back of the truck. [Back to top]
  • In the construction site is a Flatbed truck. A marker indicates they need to enter the back of the truck. Once done so, the truck is seen driving out of the construction site.
*NOTE: After the last objective has been completed, in-game instructions are now audible and no-onscreen objectives appear
From here, the player spawns with an infinite-round LI-15 weapon which TK needs to use to fend off pursuing Colombians. The Mexican is driving the truck to the warehouse in Hunts Point, and TK needs to shoot to pursuing units from stealing the package on the bike. The truck can only take a certain amount of damage, so the player needs to be quick to shoot the units before they damage the truck with their gunshots.
When the truck nears the destination in Hunts Point, no more units will be tailing the truck. The Mexican drives into the yard outside the warehouse and the mission finishes.



Post-Mission Cutscene



Pre-Mission Cutscene
Corrigan You better be ready, kid. The Colombians just made their play. Get down to that Manhattan multi-storey off Park Avenue. Top floor - there'll be a package in the back of a bike - the ransom money. When you pick it up, you may expect people to try and stop you. Escape across the rooftops and when you make it to the ground, the Mexican will be waiting. Get in the truck and get the hell out of there.
TK's betrayal
Neighborhood Treat - Iggy Pop plays (Gang Bang - Oscar Brown in PlayStation 2 and Xbox versions).
TK and the Mexican arrive at the warehouse with the briefcase, where Corrigan and Candy are waiting next to the Fairview. TK puts the briefcase on the car's trunk and opens it, revealing the ransom money inside.
Corrigan All there?
Candy You bet.
TK What happens now?
Corrigan walks up to Rafael Martinez, who's tied up.
Corrigan Can you take a message?
Rafael Martinez ¡Anda y vete al carajo!
Corrigan shoots Rafael Martinez in the head. The music abruptly stops.
TK Shit!
Corrigan shoots Rafael Martinez twice more, making sure he's dead.
Corrigan Change of plan, kid.
TK Er, sure.
Candy, the Mexican, Bishop and Slink get into their sedan and drive away, leaving Corrigan alone with TK. Corrigan puts the police badge on his chest.
TK What's going on?
Corrigan Cops are gonna need somebody in the frame. You're it.
TK Me?
Corrigan Wise up kid, you're nothing, you're nobody. Who gives a fuck?
Corrigan shoots TK twice. The music resumes playing as police sirens are faintly heard.
28 years later...
TK is at Sing-Sing Prison, walking to his cell.
TK Corrigan was a cop on the make. He and the others had figured me to take the heat for Martinez. Soon as I could stand, I went on trial. I got 28 years in Sing-Sing.
TK's jail cell door closes. Cut to a black screen, where the number 10,227 is seen in white, and soon begins counting down rapidly.
TK Ten thousand two hundred and twenty seven days. I didn't waste a single one. When they led me out, I was ready.
Sing-Sing Prison, 2006. TK, accompanied by security guards and looking much older since 1978, is walking out of prison.
Sealings - Yeah Yeah Yeahs plays.
TK walks outside the prison and looks around, seeing Ray standing next to the Cerrano and drinking coffee. TK goes to greet Ray as the latter drops his coffee cup.
TK Nice of you to drop by, Ray.
Ray winks, and TK inhales. Fade to cinematic clips of New York.
TK On the surface, New York shone bright. But the old city I knew was still there.
NEW YORK, 2006
More cinematic clips of New York. which eventually show how TK's former friends fared then and how they fare now.
TK Slink was selling girls - just they were younger and cost more. Candy ran an empire of trash. Bishop was flying high dealing heroin. Corrigan was now Chief of Police - king of the shit-heap. Only the Mexican had fucked up. I decided a while back I was going to kill him first.
TK and Ray are at an alley in Queens, spying on the Mexican from across the street as he goes into a liquor store. The Mexican now wears a grey hoodie with "New York, New York" written on it and a blue vest, as well as glasses.
TK That's him.
Ray Uh huh. Yeah, he works mid-town. Some kinda arcade.
The Mexican exits the liquor store and prepares to drink wine from the bottle, but the wine leaks onto the pavement, much to the Mexican's annoyance. He walks away.
Ray I'm not going to help.
TK I wasn't counting on it.
Ray That ain't fair, you know I couldn't help, they would have killed me.
TK Hey Ray - it's cool, you know, it's history. Come on, I'll buy you one of those foamy coffee things you like.
Ray Cappuccino?
TK Yeah, one of them.


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