Quoteleft Rafael Martinez - he is the Colombians. He's in New York and he's already making it happen. Quoteright
―Corrigan, referring to the major role of Martinez.

Rafael Martinez is a character in Driver: Parallel Lines.


Rafael Martinez is a man of Colombian descendant, which is evident from his somewhat tanned skin. He is of average length with long black hair, a mustache, stubble and a goatee. He wears a black jacket with short sleeves, a white T-shirt, black trousers held by a gold belt, a black watch and black boots with yellow lacing.


1978 EraEdit

Rafael Martinez is the leader of the Colombians. In 1978, he and his gang are having a monopoly on the illegal cocaine trade. This, however, is not gratefully received by other criminals and gangs. When Corrigan realizes cocaine is going to be ‘the drug of the eighties’, he comes up with the plan to stop the Colombians and take over their monopoly on selling cocaine. This results in the kidnap of Rafael Martinez. After the Colombians gave the ransom money to Corrigan and his gang, Rafael Martinez refuses an offer from Corrigan, swearing to him in Spanish. This causes him to get killed.


Mission AppearancesEdit


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