The RPG is a rocket launcher featured in Driver: Parallel Lines.


The overall design of the RPG takes influence from the HK 69, RPG-7, having a stubby size with a generic grenade launcher design. The weapon features a stock just like the real life HK69, albeit rendered as only a 2D shape. The barrel of the weapon is very basic and doesn't have a hole for the rocket itself to come out of.

The weapon, being a rocket launcher, is a weapon of destruction, and kills any pedestrian with one shot (assuming it hits or is close enough). It also destroys almost any vehicle with one shot; larger trucks, and of course the Negotiator take considerably more shots to be fully destroyed. The weapon also has a fast reload time for its type, being faster than the Grenade Launcher. It has a small capacity of 10 shells, and each shell costing $500 makes it very expensive to maintain usage. The rocket fired is faster than the rockets in the Negotiator too, making it more accurate, as targets have less time to flee from the pursuing rocket.

The gun is held by one hand like an ordinary pistol in the game despite the fact that the gun is supposed to be held by two hands in real life.




Weapons in Driver: Parallel Lines
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