The Queensboro Bridge is a large cantilever bridge in spanning the width of the East River, featured in Driver: Parallel Lines.


Stylized as a cantilever bridge, the main structure itself consists of mostly metal materials with a girder system incorporated for strengthening and holding the main road deck. There are 4 main mast towers which hold up a series of metal trusses, which in turn hold struts in place, holding the deck. While the two outer pairs of trusses meet the road deck and secure into the ground, the two inner trusses from the inner towers simply connect, bowing down only slightly compared to the bow found between the inner and outer towers.

The deck itself features both the upper and lower deck, each carrying two lanes per side. At the entrance of both bridges, the upper deck splits from the lower deck. On the Manhattan entrance, four lanes split into a pair of two decks, while on the Queens entrance, the total of 8 lanes simply direct traffic into/onto the decks without the need to split or change lanes.

The base of the bridge, unlike the real life counterpart, is solely a large block of what appears to be sandstone blocks, whereas the real life Queensboro Bridge features arched towers for stands. The foundations are not seen as the feet of the bridge are merely placed onto the ground.

This bridge crosses over the Roosevelt Island found in the East River, and also runs parallel to the L-Train crossing over the same river, seen just north of the bridge.



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