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The Prison Bus is a prison transport bus featured in Driver: Parallel Lines.


As suggested by the name, the Prison Bus is a prison transport bus designed to transport prisoners to and from the prison. It utilises a grey/white livery with black color-matched sections, notably the door panels and belt line running parallel to the windows. As well as the fixed color scheme, it also features a prison livery; "STATE PRISON" is read on the front above the split window, while "STATE PRISON SERVICE" is marked down the sides of the bus. On the rear corners, "No. 22" is marked, indicating the bus number, which is the same regardless.

In the front quarter, the entire hood is raised to accommodate for the large 8-cylinder engine. As such, a large grille for the radiator is found. Small headlamps are found on either front arch, and square indicators placed directly on top. On both the rear and front, twin auxiliary red lamps are placed at the very top of the body.

Performance Edit

Like the School Bus and Bus, it is a very slow vehicle, but when used for ramming and crashing, is a good pick for immobilizing police vehicles and other cars. The large diesel engine proves useful for power, and can be heard loudly.

Performance OverviewEdit

Acceleration (0 mph to 60 mph) Braking time (60 mph to 0 mph) Top speed Drivetrain Configuration Engine Transmission
8.4 Seconds TBA 73 mph (117.5 km/h) Rear wheel drive (RWD) Front-engine, rear wheel drive (FR) TBA TBA

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1978 Era
  • Appears in Jail Break, seen commonly around the main entrance to the prison, and also immediately after the first gate when entering. Also found inside the main complex.
  • Sometimes spawns on the streets around Queens.
2006 Era
  • Rarely spawns on the streets around Queens.


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