Pay Ray is a mission in Driver: Parallel Lines. It is the fourth mission in the game.

Plot Edit

Ray is strapped for cash, and needs to pay off 'people that don't like being owed', possibly a result of his gambling addiction, and he wants TK to earn him some cash by 'cruising the city for work'. Some ways are:

Once at least $1500 is earned, the player must return to La Guardia to meet up with Ray, the cash is handed over, and the mission is complete.


You need $1,500. [Back to top]
  • Any time the player enters the yellow corona placed outside Ray's Autos in La Guardia, the player will be reminded with this notification; that they need $1,500 for Ray. Only when the player has earned $1,500 will they be able to pass this objective.
Cruise the city for work. [Back to top]
  • The player is instructed how to earn the aforementioned cash; by finding "work". They are reminded to complete mini-games ("work", in this case) in order to do this. Assuming the player has no money to begin with, the player must complete three jobs[1]
*NOTE: The mission's objective of earning money requires mini-games to be played, which means the player is not given any instructions on which mini-games to do, and subsequently no on-screen instructions are give for this; the player is free to choose which mini-games they would like to do to complete the mission
Get the cash back to La Guardia. [Back to top]
  • Once at least $1,500 has been earned, the player is told to get the money back to the corona in front of Ray's Autos in La Guardia. After, a cutscene showing Ray thanking TK for his work will play, before the mission is complete. No reward is given.

Pre-Mission Instructions Edit

  1. Earn $1500 for Ray.
  2. Get the cash back to La Guardia.




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Trivia Edit

  • This is the only mission that involves doing Side-Jobs within a story-line mission, aswell at the only mission that cannot be replayed without starting a new file.


  1. If the jobs are either Loan Sharks, Circuit Races, Street Races or Steal to Order, the player only needs to complete three "Easy" difficulty jobs, each earning $500, with "Medium" and "Harder" difficulties earning subsequently more.


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