The Pangea is a family station wagon in Driver: Parallel Lines.


Being based heavily on a 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle Wagon, with elements of a 1973 Ford Country Squire Wagon. The basic shape has a long wheel base and a rigid chassis. 


The Pangea is a very heavy car, so its acceleration and top speed aren't the best. The front of the car is the weakest, and it will suffer heavy damage during head-on collisions. As such, it is best not to use a Pangea during gunfights, races and police chases due to it's underwhelming top speed.

Mission AppearancesEdit

  • Gunman - Slink teaches TK how to strafe during gunfight by shooting at a heavily damaged Pangea. Once done, Slink orders TK to destroy the car to remove the cars heat.


1978/2006 EraEdit


Trivia Edit

  • Pangea is the name of the mega-continent, when all continents were connected together over 600 million years ago. Despite this, there is no other reference.
  • The licence plate on this vehicle will read "PK-47". It will always be slightly hanging off the bumper.
  • The Pangea was originally called "Traveller". In the vehicles list, the name "traveller" exists although there is no "pangea". The Pangea has a badge on the rear which reads "Traveller", upon closer inspection, suggesting that the "Traveller" is the Pangea.


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