Quoteleft New York in '78 was the coolest place on the planet. Everyone was either finding themselves, having a party, or getting laid. Including me. I was new to the Big Apple. Just a country boy looking to make good. But a few weeks, and it felt like home. I knew every street, every avenue, every blind alley. I was eighteen years old and growing up as fast as I could. Quoteright

Nickel and Dime is the first mission in Driver: Parallel Lines.


TK is introduced to the player, through an introduction cut scene. The player is told about TK by the man himself, about where he's from and what his job is. TK is a wheelman from New York.

The mission starts with TK picking up a robber who robbed a liquor store. The player is seen in cut-scenes driving fast down streets and alleyways in a black Cerrano, fleeing from the police. The car then smashed its way through an alleyway where the tailing police car is struck and destroyed by a taxi. The player then gains control.

The player has to flee from the police, where a roadblock is formed at the end of Broadway, and tailing police cars will ram the player. TK loses the police and is instructed by the robber to drop him off at a hideout in a hidden alleyway on Harlem. Once dropped off, TK heads to Hunts Point, where Ray works on his car. TK is then found inside his bedroom, when Ray enters, claiming he's fixed the car. TK states he "doesn't need [Ray's] help", before contemplating whether he actually does.


Lose the cops! [Back to top]
  • Once the player gains control, they are told to lose the cops. On screen instructions will explain how the game works, controls and the HUD features. Once in control, the player must escape the fleeing cops. The player can choose to shoot the cops, or to flee in the car.
You lost the cops. [Back to top]
  • After losing the cops, the player has to get to the hideout marked on the map, located in Harlem in an alleyway. (Map). Once they arrive there safely, the robber will thank TK for the help, and will disappear.
Get to Hunts Point. [Back to top]
  • Once dropped off, the player is told to get to Hunts Point. Hunts Point is a district within Bronx, the game specifically marked Ray's Autos in Hunts Point to reach. (Map). The player must not gain police attention on the way, and not wreck the car. Once their, the mission is complete, followed by cut-scenes and further instructions post-mission.


Introduction Cutscene



Post-Mission Cutscene



Suffragette City - David Bowie plays.
A cinematic clip of New York, various car chases and other scenery play.

TK is seen hurtling down the FDR Drive in his Cerrano. Soon after, it is seen idling outside a small liquor store. TK, inside the car, turns the radio off, and waits for a few seconds, before a thief bursts out of the shop doors, glances around and proceeds to getting into the passenger seat of TK's car.

TK New York in '78 was the coolest place on the planet. Everyone was either finding themselves, having a party, or getting laid. Including me. I was new to the Big Apple. Just a country boy looking to make good. But a few weeks, and it felt like home. I knew every street, every avenue, every blind alley. I was eighteen years old and growing up as fast as I could. I had a room up in Hunt's Point, over Rays Autos Stores. I had work - doing a little debt collection for the Carlotti brothers. Or knocking out liquor stores. And if I needed more, all I had to do was head down to one of Joes Diners and take money off the racer boys. Or maybe hit one of the circuits. From New Jersey to Queens, from the Bronx down to Battery this was my patch, my backyard.

So what had I done to deserve so much fun? Why was I the guy with all the luck? I'll tell you why......I was a wheelman. And I was the best.

Get what you came for?

The thief looks over to TK in response to his question. TK then quickly takes off.
Unnamed Thief Fucking move kid!
One Way or Another - Blondie plays.
TK and the thief, in the Cerrano, are hurtling down streets and back-alleys through Midtown Manhattan, while a police car chases them. After bursting out of an alleyway onto Times Square, the chasing police car collides with a taxi, before more police cars join the pursuit.
Unnamed Thief Drop me in Harlem.
TK Liquor stores, huh! That mean you're on your way up, or your way down?
When TK reaches the destination, another back-alley, the thief exits the car.
Unnamed Thief Just watch the road, man!

Yeah, just up here.

Thanks a lot kid, this is where I disappear.
At Ray's Autos
Peaches - The Stranglers plays.
The camera pans down to a frontal view of Ray's Autos. A Cerrano on hydraulic jacks is seen, with Ray working on the car underneath. Ray slides out from under the car, and looks over to the window to the left of him, where TK is inside.
TK Back home, Ray was the guy everyone wanted to be. Hit New York in '75 - became a wheelman. Then had a wipeout - never drove again. Made a living fixing cars and doing tune ups, when he wasn't losing at cards.
In bedroom
Inside, TK is seen listening to the radio, laying on the bed with a porn magazine on his chest. Ray enters the room, raising his voice above the loud music.
Ray I just fixed you up with a shot at the big-time!
TK What?
Ray walks over to the radio, and turns the music off.
Ray I just fixed you up with a shot at the big-time.
TK Thanks, but no thanks.
Ray, realizing TK doesn't need him there, begins to leave the room.
Ray So keep working nickel and dime stores.
TK gets up from his laid down position and opens the magazine, before throwing it onto the floor. The camera pans to one of the porn images on the cover.
TK I don't need your help, Ray.
At Funky Rabbit
Street Lady - Donald Byrd plays (Trouble Man - Marvin Gaye in PlayStation 2 and Xbox versions). A stripper is seen dancing on the stage of Funky Rabbit - a strip club in Harlem. The strip club is dark with a disco ball light and various pink colors flashing up the room. The camera pans down from a high shot, Slink is seen observing the performance, while TK emerges from the dark background, coming into the light of the room. TK stops, and looks over to Slink.

Slink, barely looking at TK, remains focused on the stripper.

TK also glances over, now focused on the stripper.

TK You Slink? I'm the driver.
Slink What I hear, you're just a taxi service for punks.
TK I do OK.
Slink Ray says you got po-ten-tial. You got ambition? You wanna live the American Dream? 8 track stereos, color TV's in every room, wall to wall pussy? You wanna be somebody?

Ooo, that's good baby, do that again. Now do it slower.

I need a driver - all the credentials at the wheel and a zipper in his mouth.
TK What's in it for me?
Slink Kid, I'll pave your path with gold and lead your lucky white ass to the promised land. If you're solid.
TK I'll think about it.
TK walks towards the exit of the building, while Slink still remains focused on the stripper.
Slink Opportunity is buzzin' your door, kid. It ain't gonna wait forever.

Audition's over baby - tell the next lil lady to slide on out.


  • The police car that collides with the taxi in the opening cutscene is destroyed with one crash, being significantly weaker.
  • A Fire Truck and Meat Wagon are seen responding to an emergency in Times Square in the cut-scene.
  • The introduction cutscene in which TK drives his Cerrano to the liquor store originally took place at daytime. However, on request of Ubisoft Reflections, Ark VFX (the company responsible for creating cutscenes) later changed the cutscene to take place at nighttime.


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