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Quoteleft.png Works for Candy in 2006, keeps things running smoothly; keeps the money coming in and, as a trained marksman, keeps the street gangs off his back. But there’s more to her beneath the surface. Candy’s is just a stepping stone on her way to exacting a revenge she’s spent her life preparing for. Quoteright.png
―Driver fan site kit.

Maria is the deuteragonist of the second half of Driver: Parallel Lines.

Description[edit | edit source]

Maria was introduced to TK via a meeting set up by Ray. Maria had TK do some jobs as a bodyguard and an escort driver before he can meet Candy. Maria eventually got TK in touch with Candy in New Jersey and Candy tried to kill Maria at her office because he thought Maria betrayed him. Candy was killed by TK on his way to the office. After some time, it is revealed that Maria was spying on TK to get any leads on who killed her father. She hid in a closet in Ray's home and witnessed a conversation between TK and Corrigan, it became clear to her that Corrigan is responsible for her father’s death. She teamed up with TK and made the plan to blow up Corrigan's office and kill the bodyguards in Corrigan's mansion in order to make Corrigan scared. After that, she tracked Corrigan down and had TK go kill him in his safehouse in New Jersey. Corrigan manages to escape in a helicopter but was shot down by TK. Crawling away from the wreck still alive, he was held at gunpoint by TK. Maria told TK not to shoot him and instead give Corrigan to Maria as Maria ensures that Corrigan will suffer. Maria then gets into the SUV Corrigan was put in as it drives away. It is unknown whether or not Maria is still in New York.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Maria is a tall woman of Colombian descent. She has tanned skin and dark brown hair tied up in a short ponytail. She wears a grey-black leather jacket, white t-shirt, a black pencil skirt, nude pantyhose and black high-heels. Maria is also shown to wear lipstick and eyeliner.

Background[edit | edit source]

Not much is known about Maria's life before she met TK. Maria Cortez is the daughter of Rafael Martinez. Ever since Rafael Martinez got killed in 1978, she spends the rest of her life finding her father’s killer. Sometime before 2006 she worked for Candy as an errand girl, but only with the intention to find the assassin of her father. Maria is also good with handling handguns, as seen in her introduction cutscene, she hit the target with top accuracy.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Mission Appearances[edit | edit source]

  • Gauntlet - Here Maria can be seen transporting cash, while guarded by TK.

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