The Manhattan Bridge is a suspension bridge that appears in Driver: Parallel Lines.


The bridge's main structure is solid iron and steel, it features a basic yet effective criss-cross structure on its main towers and the walls of the deck. This style makes the bridge strong, and holds the road in place, the steel twisted suspension cables that are connected to the suspender hold the main deck up, and are anchored into place at either end of the bridge, tension is covering the bridge, holding the deck safely tight.

The road decks are placed side by side, however, they are separated by a small road in the center about 2 meters below, this road isn't used in game, but can still be used as a quick short cut passing traffic.

Around the center of the bridge is a small joining platform, which connects each of the road decks together. Sometimes, construction workers can be seen inspecting a concrete block shaped as a jump. A Dolva will usually be on seen, strangely, it cannot be accessed.

The bridge crosses the East River, and supplies a vital traffic link to Brooklyn from Manhattan. Taxis and other modes of public transport can be seen crossing the bridge frequently.


Trivia Edit

  • When approached on the main road decks, the main metal criss-cross structure that is used in the center of the bridge towers do not appear until they are reached close enough, due to render distances.


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