The Land Roamer is a two-door SUV in Driver: Parallel Lines.


The Land Roamer is a mid-size SUV and takes inspiration from the second/third generation Ford Bronco, while also drawing inspiration from the Chevrolet K5 Blazer. The stock version is equipped with a bull-bar and two functional spotlights for off-road use.

Due to the very high ground clearance of the vehicle the stock version is equipped with running boards at the both sides of the car to assist the driver with getting into the vehicle.

The Land Roamer features relatively large wheels with low profile off-road duty tyres and mild flared square-like wheel arches.


All bodyworks share the same off-roading variant with additional fenders, wider tires, and larger bumpers as well as a hood intake, twin-exit exhausts and a sun-strip above the windshield.

Bodywork Description License Plate
Bodywork 1 — "Durt Surf", this bodywork features a semi-realistic dirt paint job. The whole front of the car is ‘covered’ in brown mud, with mud dripping from the rear window as well. The hood is showing a picture of a wave surfer, along with the words ‘DURT’ and ‘SURF’ next to it. The vehicle features a roof rack with four, non-functional spotlights and a different bullbar compared to the stock version of the car. DURT SURF
Bodywork 2 — "Blue Eagle", this bodywork features a livery with the main colors being white and blue, separated by a rainbow, an often used peace symbol used by the hippie movement present in the seventies. On the both sides of the car a white eagle logo can be seen, as well as a blue eagle logo on the hood with another rainbow underneath it. The bodywork in terms of accessories is equal to bodywork 1. BLUE EAGLE
Bodywork 3 — "FireStorm", this bodywork wears the iconic flame paint job on a black setting, starting from the very back of the vehicle and ending on the sides of the doors. The main part of the flames is white, shifting to yellow, orange and red throughout the tails of the flames. The FireStorm bodywork features a spare tire mounted on the back of the car and a different bullbar, with the two spotlights placed in a lower position in comparison to bodywork 1 and 2. FIRESTORM
Bodywork 4 — "Dinosaurus", this bodywork features a blue paint job with at both sides of the car a colorful dinosaur. The hood, roof and the third, rear-hinged door are painted grey. Other dinosaur logos appear on the third door and hood. On the roof, the words ‘Official tour vehicle’ can be seen, and ‘New York City public exhibit’ on the hood intake. The bodywork in terms of accessories is equal to bodywork 3. DINOSAURUS!

Performance Edit

The Land Roamer handles like a heavy vehicle and suffers mild understeer. Due to the rough steering and weight it is not a very manoeuvrable car. The vehicle is equipped with strong drum brakes which stop it in good time. The relatively high center of gravity sometimes makes it unstable when driving at high speeds through cluttered alleyways.

Performance OverviewEdit

Gears Engine Acceleration
(0-60 mph)
Top Speed
(mph / km/h)
5 V8 Petrol 4.8 seconds 87 mph (140.0 km/h)
Vehicle Upgrades

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Nitro Kit
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  • The name is a reference to the SUV manufacturer Land Rover.
  • When a bodywork is equipped, the spot lights on the bullbar will no longer function.


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