The Kramer is a compact car in Driver: Parallel Lines.


The Kramer is based off the Dodge Neon Coupe , evidently from its curved and up-raised rear fascia, and its head lamps, it is a compact car, but takes on a longer 'coupe' style in game.


The car is pretty fast for its type, being faster than most 1978 Era sedans and SUVs.

Mission AppearancesEdit

  • Rush Hour - Four identical grey Kramer cars are rented out by Slink to deliver a shipment of party drugs, with three of the Kramers being used as decoys while the fourth Kramer is used to deliver the shipment. TK is ordered by Ray to destroy the Kramer that contains the shipment of party drugs.


  • Kramer Racer - a racer variant of the car, unlocked when a 'hard' race is won in the regular Kramer.



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1978 Era

Note: The Kramer is a 2006 Era vehicle, therefore it will not spawn in the 1978 Era naturally.

  • Does not spawn in the 1978 Era.
  • Can be seen driving around if the player has completed the game, and drives the vehicle in the 1978 Era using the Era Change feature.
  • Can also be done if the player uses the "all vehicles" cheat and drives the vehicle in the 1978 Era.
2006 Era

Trivia Edit

  • The name may derive from the slang word 'cram'; when a large amount of objects are put into a tight space, hinting to the small interior and space in the car, resulting in people having to 'cram' into the car.


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