Kidnap is a mission in Driver: Parallel Lines.


After successfully planning the entire convoy in prior events, Candy and Corrigan lead the big job, which is to gain advantage of the Colombians' gang lord Rafael Martinez. This is done to discourage the Colombians to continue their drug’s trade as well as receiving a substantial amount of cash from them - the ransom money, in exchange for Martinez. The plan is to execute numerous explosions across the city, which will divert the convoy of Rafael and his bodyguards, eventually causing him to be almost completely vulnerable and easy to reach in order to approach and kidnap him.

After being given the go-ahead, TK is commanded to do the job. Candy is by his side via radio where they can communicate with each other, as well as listen in to the Colombians' discussions. TK heads to the off-ramp of the Williamsburg Bridge, where a large billboard is found hanging on a building's side face. The convoy heads towards the bridge where they plan to cross, but, following the plan, TK triggers an explosion, causing the billboard to fall onto the bridge, blocking the way. In a panic, the convoy along with Rafael's limo divert, heading south in Manhattan. Pursuing the now-diverted convoy, TK triggers the explosive fitted to the rear escort car, exploding the vehicle, leaving the tail of the convoy with one less bodyguard. The convoy continue to speed ahead. TK heads across the Queensboro Bridge to reach the L-train bridge which they plan to destroy. Once reached, TK fits the bombs to the bridge, and waits for the convoy to near it, before triggering the explosion. The third escort car is now destroyed, leaving the convoy more vulnerable. TK follows the final part of the plan; to explode the gas tanks in Queens, next to World Fair Park. The fleeing convoy is heading towards the gas station, when TK sets and triggers the explosion, causing the gas tanks to explode, and a gas tanker truck leaving to explode, completely blocking the road. The convoy makes its final diversion, whilst TK heads towards the "kill zone", the part of the plan initialized to surround and trap the now completely vulnerable limo containing Rafael. When reached, TK finds two large gas tanker trucks ready to close-in on the fleeing limo. The limo follows exactly how they expected, trapping itself, before the bodyguards within the car exit and begin to shoot TK. TK eliminates the bodyguards, and jacks the limo with Rafael inside. He gets out of the kill zone via a small passageway and flees the area before cops arrive. TK now has the limo, and heads back to Hunts Point with their kidnap scared in the rear of the car.

Once arrived at the warehouse in Hunts Point, the rest of the crew turn up; The Mexican, Candy, Slink and Bishop. They are happy with TK's work. Corrigan then arrives in his car. Stepping out, he "thanks" TK for his work as well, and TK feels the plan is coming along - so does Corrigan. Rafael, tied to a pillar by TK, is thrown into the trunk of the car occupied by The Mexican, Candy, Slink and Bishop. The crew leave, while TK is left around.


Block the bridge eastbound. [Back to top]
  • Once the mission begins, the player will spawn outside their Safe House. A Brooklyn is parked directly outside the safe house. They are instructed to drive to the entrance of the Williamsburg Bridge (location on map) where they are to plot the attack on the Colombians. Although the player isn't given a time limit, they must reach the bridge before the Colombian convoy do. The player must stop in the yellow marker just outside the bridge entrance.
Wait for Candy's command. [Back to top]
  • Once their, the player is told to wait for Candy's command. Candy will wait until the convoy is very near the bridge before instructing the player to do the next objective. The marker on the map indicates the location of the convoy.
Press 'Q' to blow the billboard. [Back to top]
  • Once the convoy are close enough, Candy will shout "Now!", to which the player is told to press 'Q' (PC) to blow up the billboard. The billboard is on the building to the right hand side of the bridge entrance. The player's actions of exploding it causes it to fall onto the bridge, blocking the way, which diverts the convoy. The player must be very quick when pressing the necessary key/button to trigger the explosives.
You diverted the convoy. Now blow the escort car. [Back to top]
  • Now that the escort is diverted, it gives the player extra time to A) destroy the backup cars and B) to divert their route into the necessary traps planned and set up by the crew. Once the billboard is blown, the convoy quickly divert right towards the south. They will make their way onto FDR Drive. The player is given the entire stretch of said road to near the convoy and blew up the escort car. The escort car is the furthest car towards the rear of the convoy, and is the same car that was planted with explosives in prior set up missions.
Press 'Q' to destroy the escort car. [Back to top]
  • Once the player is near enough to the rear escort car, they are told to blow the car up. Unlike the billboard trap, the player isn't required to do this immediately; if the player misses the opportunity or loses the convoy for a short period, nearing the convoy again will allow the player to retake the opportunity of triggering the explosion. Once near enough, they can press the same key as the prior explosion to blow up the car. The car will explode and the rest of the convoy will veer off in speed. If the player catches up with the convoy, the remaining escort cars will open fire on the player.
You took out the escort car. Now get to the bridge. [Back to top]
  • After the escort car is taken out, the next trap, the L-Train bridge explosion is reminded to the player and they are told to reach said bridge before the escort car. This can be achieved if the escort car was blown up before a backstreet which takes a perpendicular approach off the right hand side of the FDR Drive (when facing south) and leads up to the Queensboro Bridge approach road. If the explosion is done before reaching this backstreet, the player can quickly divert up this street and reach the bridge quicker than the convoy, and cross the East River way before the convoy do (the convoy will always take the road road, which leads them all the way back to the player's safe house, before turning right, and right again, before heading towards the bridge). Again, no time limit is given; the player merely has to reach the bridge before the convoy. The bridge's location will be marked on the map; it is located in Queens.
Press 'Q' to set the bomb. [Back to top]
  • As soon as the player arrives at the bridge, a small marker indicates the player has to reach the corner of the bridge, to which they set the bomb. The player has to press 'Q' (PC) to set the bomb.
Get to the bomb trigger point. [Back to top]
  • After the bomb is set, the player is instructed to get to the bomb trigger point; it is situated at the other side of the bridge so the player can reach the next location. The player has to wait for the escort to reach near the bridge.
Wait for Candy's command. [Back to top]
  • Following reaching the marker, the player is to wait for Candy's instructions to blow up the bridge.
Press 'Q' to blow the bridge. [Back to top]
  • When the escort nears the bridge, Candy will once again shout to blow up the bridge. Pressing 'Q' (PC) blows up the bridge - it will collapse and land on the remaining escort cars at the rear of the convoy. The limousine in front will only just make it out of the bridge collapse. Depending on the timing of the collapse, either both or just one of the escort cars will be taken out.
You took out the escort. Now get to the gas tanks. [Back to top]
  • Now that the remaining escort cars have been taken out, the limousine containing Rafael Martinez and several of his bodyguards is almost completely vulnerable to attacks. The player must race to the gas station in Queens before the limousine does. The limousine will take a long route around the industrial state and eventually onto the main road to which the gas station is situated on. The player can take the much short route, which consists of heading directly to the south-eastern corner of the park where the main road has an intersection at. This way, the player can even cut across the park to gain some more time.
At the gas station is a large tanker truck and two large gas tanks, these are the two main props used to divert the convoy once again.
Press 'Q' to set the bomb. [Back to top]
  • Once again the player is required to set the bomb. They are to walk up to the gas tanks of the station and set a bomb on them.
Get to the bomb trigger point. [Back to top]
  • And again the player must reach a designated trigger point to which the player is to trigger the bombs on the gas tanks.
Press 'Q' to blow the gas tanks. [Back to top]
  • As soon as the convoy near the gas station in order to attempt heading straight down the main road, Candy shouts to TK to trigger the explosion. The bomb causes the gas tanks to explode, and consequently, a gas tanker truck which is leaving the gas station to explode and block the entire road. Several surrounding cars are also exploded, creating an even bigger blockade. The blockade diverts the convoy again, forcing them to veer right into the business area of the borough - directly towards the trap: the kill zone.
You diverted them. Get to the kill zone. [Back to top]
  • The convoy, now heading towards the kill zone, are to be beaten to said zone so the trap is successful. The player is to head down the main road that the convoy had originally planned to drive down, before taking a right down a backalley; approaching the inside of the trap. Reaching the kill zone before the convoy is the hardest of the three races and the player must be very fast in order to get their before the convoy make it through.
Wait for the convoy. [Back to top]
  • Once the player arrives, they will notice several tanker trucks in position for blocking the road, as well as several ramps and blocks. They must wait for the convoy to near the area before releasing the trucks onto the road and trapping the convoy.
Get the limo out of there before the cops show up. [Back to top]
  • When the convoy reaches the area, the tanker trucks drive into position in perfect timing, which traps the limousine between the two tankers. Inside the trapped area, the player must kill the bodyguards that begin to retaliate at TK. Rafael Martinez remains in the vehicle.
After the bodyguards are killed, the player must take the limousine and get out of the area before the police arrive. The only way to leave the area is via the backstreets of which the player entered the area in.
Get the limo back to Hunts Point. [Back to top]
  • Once safely out of the kill-zone area and free of the responding police cars, the driver must take the limo with their kidnap back to a warehouse in Hunts Point. The player is advised to avoid any police and if heat is gained, to lose it before arriving. Once the player arrives with the limo at the warehouse, the mission will end, following a cutscene wherein Rafael - the kidnap - is tied up to a pillar inside the warehouse, and Corrigan and the rest of the team arrive, thanking TK.
Pre-mission, the player will unlock the Grenade Launcher, which will become available at the Safe House.

Pre-Mission InstructionsEdit

  1. Blow up the Billboard.
  2. Blow up the escort car.
  3. Blow up the L-train Bridge.
  4. Blow up the gas tank.
  5. Get the limo to Hunts Point.






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  • In the post-mission cutscene for Gift Wrapped, Rafael Martinez is decipted to be in a Chauffeur, but in this mission, he's in a Regina.


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