Quoteleft Need you to get a monkey off my back, kid. The guy's got a set of wheels in Queens. Need you to take that ride, then break some traffic laws, hit shit, do whatever, I don't care what you do, so long as you attract the attention of the police, so when you give the ride back to my man they bust his ass for what you did! Quoteright

Hot Wheels is a mission in Driver: Parallel Lines. It is the fifth mission in the story-line.


Slink wants TK to grab a ride in Queens, then attract the police's attention. He then wants TK to lose the heat and take it back to the car park in Queens where the gang car was, so that the gangs will retrieve the car and receive heat. The police arrive and arrest the gang.

After the mission, a cutscene shows Slink and TK sat on a Cerrano's hood while The Mexican that Slink requested to pop by pulls up in his red Rosalita. When he gets out, a thud comes from the boot of the Rosalita. Ignoring the thuds, Slink tells The Mexican about TK's skills, and that he's the new guy they should employ. At first, The Mexican sees him as a 'young, skinny little girl'. Meanwhile, the thuds from the trunk of the Rosalita get on The Mexicans nerves, he opens the trunk and tells the person in the trunk to 'shut the fuck up'. TK says hes got to go, when he walks away, The Mexican tells him not to walk away from him, as he is offering him work, despite the terms he used to describe TK. After TK agreed to work for him, TK asks him who's in the trunk. At first, The Mexican tries to scare TK off by telling him it's his last driver. After a short silence however, The Mexican bursts into laughter, telling TK that he was joking.


Steal the gang car. [Back to top]
  • Once the mission begins, the player will be spawned in the last car they were in, several hundred feet away from the gang car's location. The car is parked between two buildings in a large empty space. The player must steal the car and drive away.
  • After entering the car, on-screen instructions explain the player must gain heat by any means, before losing the police and delivery the car back.
*NOTE: Slink's instructions are now audible and no on-screen objectives appear
Ditch the car! [Back to top]
  • After the car is returned to the same space, the player is told to ditch the car.
Leave the car and get out of there! [Back to top]
  • Once the player exits the vehicle, they must leave the area. After doing so, the "punk" will return, shortly before the police also arrive and bust him. The mission will then be complete. The 44H is unlocked after the mission.

Pre-Mission InstructionsEdit

  1. Get the gang car.
  2. Get some heat.
  3. Lose the cops.
  4. Deliver the hot car back to the gang.



Post-Mission Cutscene



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  • This mission is possibly named after the die cast brand Hot Wheels.
    • There's also a mission named "Hot Wheels" in GTA Liberty City Stories, which also involves stealing a high-priority car.


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