The helicopter, also known as the Chopper[1], is an uncontrollable vehicle in Driver: Parallel Lines.


The helicopter is a civilian helicopter. Although the helicopter is not controllable nor accessible, it still has the characteristics of a normal vehicle. Smoke will still come out of the helicopter if damaged and it can still explode. The helicopter's durability varies throughout its appearances. It can be noted that Corrigan's helicopter is by far the most durable to gunfire, while the fixed spawn location in the Wii, Xbox and PlayStation 2 versions of the game is the weakest.

1978 EraEdit

The 1978 era model of the helicopter appears as a light helicopter with exposed rear framework. The helicopter takes a rather compact appearance with a small bubble-canopy. The helicopter takes the appearance of a 1953 Bell 47 helicopter, particularly the Model G. The helicopter is seen with large blue skids.

2006 EraEdit

The 2006 era model of the helicopter gains a complete restoration from the 1978 era. The helicopter is now based on a Bell 206B JetRanger, particularly the 1975 and 1989 models (the latter seen apparent in the front windows). The helicopter appears in numerous colors with a two-tone color scheme. It also appears as a 3D render by Ark VFX in the very final cutscene of the game.

Mission AppearancesEdit

  • Air Mail - The 1978 version of the helicopter appears in the mission where it is used by a drugs mule, dropping crate packages from its rear bay.
  • Riding Shotgun - Upon crossing the Queensboro Bridge, an enemy helicopter pursues the mission truck.
  • Gate Crasher - A static variant appears on the rooftop of a car park in Chinatown, as one of the three smuggling methods.
  • Corrigan - The 2006 rendition of the helicopter appears in Corrigan, where it is used to flee Corrigan from his safehouse in New Jersey.



  • The 3D render of the helicopter appears in the final cutscene of the mission Corrigan, becoming one of the most notable scenes of the game.[2]


  1. Image

    As seen during Riding Shotgun, where the helicopter is referred to as the "chopper".

  2. Images:

    The helicopter spiraling out of control.



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