The Grand Valley is a classic 2-door personal luxury car in Driver: Parallel Lines.


The Grand Valley is a classic lowrider car that will always spawn with its roof down by default (although a roof can be added through modifications). As such, it features a lower suspension compared to other cars, and customized wheels. It is based on the Ford Crestline Skyliner, although the grille of the Grand Valley appears to have a major difference in comparison.


The Grand Valley is a great vehicle for a cruise around the city, but not a great choice for police chases. Although its acceleration and crash deformation are acceptable, the car has a rather low speed, even when modified it will still perform rather weakly. The handling is also much more bulky in comparison to other cars in the game, making the Grand Valley a poor choice for racing and police chases.




1978 Era
2006 Era
  • Extremely rare during the 2006 Era. However, it spawns more commonly if the player has stored one in 1978.
  • Rarely spawns in poorer districts such as Harlem or Bronx.


  • In the beta of the game, the Grand Valley spawned with a soft-top roof by default and the alloys of the car matched the color of the car. As well as the roof, it featured significant difference in its front chrome bumper.[1]


  1. Image:

    The Grand Valley with a soft-top, canary yellow paint job and a different chrome bumper with overrides.


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