Glitches, also known as Bugs are malfunctions of textures, codes or properties in games. They occur when a fault lies between the player and the property in question. Several known glitches are found in Driver: Parallel Lines.

Riker's Island ExploitEdit

While Riker's Island is only accessible in one mission of the game, the player is able to perform a one-way glitch to enter the island.

The glitch occurs as the gate between the player and the island is only solid from around 1 foot and above. This allows the player to glitch a motorcycle on its side through the gate. The player will need to find a motorcycle, approach the gate at a relatively high speed and quickly jump off the bike while turning away from the gate, running almost parallel to it. The bike's top should end up facing away from the fence for the glitch to work properly. The player then needs to find a vehicle with a low ride height, such as the Rosalita or Regina, and slowly push the bike through the gate until the wheels of the bike are almost completely through. Once the bike is half way into the gate, the player can enter the vehicle near enough so the animation takes the player through the fence while he picks up the bike and mounts it. The player is then through the gate.

It must be noted that the prison wall is rebuilt in the 1978 era and cannot be passed. The prison itself cannot be entered without performing similar glitches to the gate glitch. In the 2006 era, the construction site is no longer found, instead, grass area leading to the waters makes up the area.

Effects to GameplayEdit

Because there are no vehicles on Riker's Island, it isn't possible to get back through the gate as the bike cannot be pushed through. This means the player will have to reload the savegame in order to get out of the prison. Likewise, the glitch is solely optional and is only an exploit rather than a bug.

Frozen Cars PhenomenonEdit

Cars will occasionally freeze mid-street, often known as the frozen cars phenomenon. The glitch occurs when a car and a random ped have spawned as a traffic vehicle, but have not yet been requested by script to initially "start" - the glitch can cause random traffic congestion, and can occur anyway on the map. At night, the vehicle's headlights will not be initiated, indicating that the script has failed to "start" the traffic procedure.

Effects to GameplayEdit

While not being a major problem, the glitch can be severely critical if occurred during a mission, particularly Street Races where the player and two other racers race on city streets with regular traffic. It can also be problematic when playing Steal to Order, as patrolling police cars can get caught up in the congestion, sometimes blocking the player from their intended path while trying to avoid being detected by cops.

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