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Getaway Survival is a Side-Job in Driver: Parallel Lines.


The side-job is available across New York, and has a very simple objective; losing the police. Marked doughnut stands indicate that the stand is a "bait stand", and that smashing it will cause the player to gain a large amount of heat, full heat is given to both the player and the vehicle they are in. Once the stand is smashed, the police will spawn around the area and tail the player; up to 5 police cars can be chasing at once, a very rare occurrence. Numerous officers will also spawn in shot with the respective era's shotgun. The quicker the player loses the tail, the more money they will earn doing after doing so. The valid doughnut stands retain the same design in the 2006 era. If the player fails the mission, they are able to retry - they will respawn at the location of the doughnut stand after crashing it, with all damage properties of the car restored to how they were before the mission.


Smash the stand to piss off the cops. [Back to top]
  • When the player approaches a stand marked with the rotating handcuffs above the canopy, they will be alerted that it can be smashed to gain heat. The doughnut stand pedestrian will also continuously shout "doughnuts, get your doughnuts!", unlike any other standard doughnut stand.
Lose the heat for a cash reward. [Back to top]
  • Once the stand is smashed, the objective is simple; lose the heat. Police units will spawn around the nearby area and will immediately pursue them. There is also a chance of a police helicopter spawning. The chances of a police helicopter or a SWAT Van spawning are higher if the player has previously lost a large amount of heat before hitting the stand.
Once the player loses the cops, they receive the reward. It is valid the moment they lose the police, meaning the player can instantly regain the heat and still receive the reward.


The following locations may use coordinates (yellow), road names or named districts listed only on the beta map. If necessary, please expand this section to reveal the beta map.






  • Getaway Survival is the only Side-Job that does not appear in Driver 76.
  • If the player manages to have 5 police vehicles in pursuit before initiating the mission, no additional police cars will spawn; the mission's police vehicle spawn script is restricted to spawning only the available amount of police cars allowed - maximum of 5 - in game.


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