The Firetruck is a large emergency vehicle featured in Driver: Parallel Lines.

Design Edit

The Firetruck is heavily based on the 2006 LaFrance Pumper Engine, but features a ladder unit on the roof. It has a modern design, with basic essentials such as the ladder arrangement, pumper details, storage shutters, and pressure gauges.


As expected, it has a slow top speed and bad acceleration, but its handling is very quick for its size, the braking is not so good, but its V8 engine can power it to keeps its top speed maintained even while crashing.



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Trivia Edit

  • Despite the LaFrance Pumper being a 2006 Vehicle, the Firetruck is still seen in the 1978 era.
  • A Firetruck is seen in a cut scene in the game's introductory cutscene, Nickel and Dime.
  • Due to the Firetruck being considered a regular vehicle, generic pedestrians will be seen driving it. This also applies to the Meat Wagon and Paramedic, as well as the Prison Bus.


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