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Driver GP is a side-job featured in Driver: Parallel Lines.


Driver GP (Driver Grand Prix) is a mini-game that requires the player to compete against other racers in a race around the city. Just like Street Races, Driver GP's take place on the streets of New York. However, contrary to street races, there is no traffic present and the player is not guided by marked checkpoints, but by invisible walls to prevent the player from leaving the 'track'. On the walls, purple, moving arrows can be seen, pointing in the correct direction.

A Driver GP consists of three laps and five opponents. Laps are known to be very long.


Driver GP’s are featured in both eras of the game. They can be found on the following locations:


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Numerous vehicles can be seen participating in the race, including:


Each Driver GP unlocks a unique car that cannot be obtained by any other way than using cheats. When participating in a Driver GP, there is always one opponent driving the unlockable vehicle. The following vehicles are unlockable by winning Driver GP’s:

Location 1978 Era 2006 Era
Manhattan San Marino Spyder Racer Torrex Racer
Long Island Raven Racer Hotrod


  • Driver GP's feature long and straight roads. Because of this, using nitrous can be very beneficial, allowing high top speeds to be reached and faster acceleration.


  1. This can be done by entering the train tracks using the pedestrian entrance.


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