Driver 76 is a video game released for the PlayStation Portable on May 8th, 2007 for North America, May 10th, 2007 for Australia, and May 11th for Europe. The game is a prequel to Driver: Parallel Lines, where it is set 2 years before the first era of events of DPL.

Driver 76 is the first game in the Driver franchise to be released on the PlayStation Portable. It is also the only Driver game to be released as a sequel or prequel to another released game.


Driver 76, being a prequel of Driver: Parallel Lines, takes place in New York, where it is seen only in one era; 1976. The game carries over many of the gameplay elements of DPL, with the majority of the 1978 era vehicles and weapons making a return, as well as several characters. Because of the port to PSP, the game receives a slight downgrade in texture quality, resolution, draw distance and pedestrian and traffic density. The entire HUD also receives an overhaul, though remains somewhat similar to the 1978 era HUD in DPL.


The overall rating of the game according to Metacritic was a score of 57 out of 100.[1]. Game Chronicles rated the game's gameplay 8 out of 10, graphics 8, sound 9, and overall value 8, giving the game a final score of 8.3 out of 10. The review stated that the game "struck [him] in the story mode is just how original some of the missions were", and that "the game graphics are surprisingly good, especially for the city which shows a great deal of variety and non-repeating textures as well as a lot of original architecture, especially for all those landmarks that everybody is already familiar with." In a final statement, the company said "It’s really disheartening (and unfair) to read some of the poor reviews this game has been getting. Sure, Driver ’76 isn’t the end-all-be-all of PSP racing games, but you can’t help but have a fantastic time once you climb behind the wheel and explore one of the best handheld recreations of New York City."[2]. Other companies criticized the game for its relatively short storyline, with one reviewer, Edge Magazine, stating "Unfortunately, creating such a smooth ride has resulted in a title you can race through in just under a single charge of the PSP battery".


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