This article refers to an official part of the Driver: Parallel Lines Wiki Policy.
Please remember to follow the policy in order to make the Driver: Parallel Lines Wiki tidier, and to avoid any sanctions, such as Warnings or Blocks. Thanks!

The following is a list of Policies applied on the Driver: Parallel Lines Wiki.

Bureaucrats and Administrators may issue Blocks in the case of repeated denial of Policies. If you're unsure and you have any questions regarding any policy, then please contact a Staff member, as we do our best to help editors.

Driver: Parallel Lines Wiki PoliciesEdit

  • The Driver: Parallel Lines Wiki:
    • Has certain steps on what to do during a dispute.
    • Is not censored. Profanity in articles should be done only in an encyclopedic manor.
  • Wikia Terms of Use: Users must be at least 13 years old or over to have an account and use Wikia.
  • Civility: Be civil in your dealings with others. No personal attacks, unnecessarily abusive language, patronizing behavior, baiting, etc.
  • Vandalism: Is not tolerated (edits designed to harass other editors or degrade an article's quality).
  • Edit Wars: Constant warring/reverting or undo-ing of edits will result in the warred-over article being locked temporarily.
  • Media Policy: Must be followed by all users and is non-negotiable.
  • Usernames: Deliberately offensive, misleading or otherwise problematic usernames may be blocked at the discretion of any administrator.
  • Ownership: The Driver: Parallel Lines Wiki is a public domain, and no editor owns anything. If you post anything here, expect it to be edited mercilessly.
    • Sockpuppetry (Making more than 1 account under the same person Is strictly prohibited and will get you Blocked.
  • Manual of Style: Editors are expected to follow Driver: Parallel Lines Wiki: Manual of Style while editing.
  • No one operating the Driver: Parallel Lines Wiki: Has either Checkuser or Oversight rights. If you need those rights, please visit Wikia Central and follow the instructions there.
  • No Fan fiction: If you wish to add Fan fiction articles, do so on dedicated sites.
  • No Myth-related content
  • No Mod-related content: Driver: Parallel Lines Wiki only accepts official content. Any information relating to mods, trainers or save editors may not be posted on this Wiki.
  • No Leaked Information: If information about an unreleased game was released through illegal means, it may not be posted on the wiki.

Driver 76 ContentEdit

Driver: Parallel Lines wiki first permitted Driver 76 content in October-November 2016, but was quickly withdrawn due to the lack of progress made with Driver 76-only content. The wiki then agreed on the content once again when plans were reinstated in late May-early-June, 2017. There are numerous content requirements in place to ensure Driver 76 is not a necessity for all articles:

  • Files for all content are not required for things already existent in Driver: Parallel Lines unless changes have been made over the eras.
  • Where possible, limit new page creations and merge D76 content with DPL content.
  • Driver 76 does not influence the wiki's name, URL or logo, but serves a right to have content documented here.
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