This article refers to an official part of the Driver: Parallel Lines Wiki Policy.
Please remember to follow the policy in order to make the Driver: Parallel Lines Wiki tidier, and to avoid any sanctions, such as Warnings or Blocks. Thanks!

To avoid a ban or block from editing our wiki, there are rules for the Driver: Parallel Lines Wiki Media Policy.

Image Policy

Currently, the image policy is not blocking or banning against images being added, as long as they are:

  • Name the image of what the image is (if it's a Pangea car, name it Pangea.jpg or Pangea.png). So we know what it is and where it goes.
  • Do not upload blurred or messy images (if the pixels are lower than 100p x 100p , then it shouldn't be uploaded, or if the image contains lines from editing, these must be removed).
  • Although it is not part of the policy, we recommend attaching a license to every image upon uploading, however, this isn't necessary.


  • Videos must not contain any harassing, off-topic, rude or offensive content (unless it is related to the game).
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