Demolition Survival is a mini-game featured in Driver: Parallel Lines.

Description Edit

The Demolition Survival is an event in which the player has to wreck other vehicles by crashing into them. The demo derby differs from other mini-games due to the fact that there is only one demolition derby on the whole map and it is only available in the 1978 era. The event is located in the Bronx borough and is marked by a floating purple star above it.

The demolition derby takes place on an oval-shaped dirt track surrounded by several light posts with in the center a field of grass, which can be entered as well. Along the inside of the track there are several hay bales, tire stacks and small bill boards. Along the outside of the track are four shelters, in which new competitors will spawn when cars on the track get wrecked. The demolition derby can be won with any car, although it is recommended to use a heavy commercial vehicle. The player is given 3 minutes to destroy all 9 opponents driving Cerranos.

Objectives Edit

*NOTE: Instructions are audible at the beginning of the event; no on-screen objectives appear

There is only one objective, and that is be the last driver standing with a driveable vehicle, or as the commentator announces: 'last man standing takes the prize.' Note that there is a time limit of three minutes. A vehicle is classified as 'wrecked' when it has been destroyed or bumped upside down. Shooting other participants is not allowed. Every time a car gets wrecked, a message will appear (e.g. 2/9 cars destroyed).

Location Edit

  • The Demolition Survival mini-game is located in Bronx, next to the central road leading to New Jersey. (Map)

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Trivia Edit

  • Vehicles are weaker than usual. This is also the case in the mission 'Circuit Breaker'.
  • All opponents are driving Cerranos.
  • The event can be entered with any vehicle, even with the Negotiator or any motorcycle.


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