The Courier is a step-up delivery truck in Driver: Parallel Lines.


The Courier is heavily based on the Grumman Olson P-800. It has a very boxy and large shape, starting with a large, square grille followed by a short and steep hood. On the roof of the cabin, an overhanging roof extension can be seen. The back of the Courier features two twin doors and a running board in order to ease entry to the rear cargo area. Each tail-light cluster consists of three separate, round lights placed in a vertical line. Other lights can be seen on the back of the roof and the sides of the Courier, which only function at night time.


Apart from the custom livery, the bodyworks of the Courier don't feature any additional accessories.

Bodywork Description License Plate
Courier-DPL-Bodywork1 Bodywork 1 — "The American Eagle", this bodywork features a paint job with the main colors being blue and red. The driver cabin is mostly red, with the logo of a white eagle with the letter ‘A’ located on the hood and sides. The cargo space is blue, featuring on both sides and rear of the vehicle the same logo, with the stereotypical white and red lines of the American flag beneath it. On the roof of the Courier the same eagle logo can be seen, together with the name ‘American Eagle’. AMERICAN EAGLE
Courier-DPL-Bodywork2 Bodywork 2 — "Flamestrings", this bodywork features an orange livery, with the sides, roof and rear of the cargo being mainly blue. On the hood, an image of a bowling ball can be seen, together with the words ‘Flamestrings’ and ‘Delivery Van’. This logo also appears on the sides of the cargo area. The roof, sides and rear of the cargo area are covered with red and yellow strings of confetti. FLAMESTRINGS
Courier-DPL-Bodywork3 Bodywork 2 — "Graveyard", this bodywork features a purple paint-job equipped with a horror theme. On the sides and rear of the cargo area the contours of a hill with crosses can be seen. The background is filled with several stars, clouds and a big full moon. On the hood, a similar logo appears, together with the word ‘Graveyard’ and a picture of a skull. This logo also appears on the sides of the cabin and roof of the cargo area. GRAVEYARD
Courier-DPL-Bodywork4 Bodywork 2 — "Snake 808", this bodywork features a green paint-job, with the main colors being green and brown. The driver cabin and several components of the cargo area are finished in green, with the sides, roof and doors of the cargo area being mainly brown. On the hood, the words ‘Snake 808 – Delivery System’ appear. They also appear on the roof and back of the cargo area. Another logo of a green snake with the number ‘808’ can be seen on the roof, sides and back of the vehicle. SNAKE 808


The truck has a slow top speed and acceleration, but can keep its speed even when crashing, however, its handling is terrible, under-steering is common, and its brakes don't help this either.

Performance OverviewEdit

Gears Engine Acceleration
(0-60 mph)
Top Speed
(mph / km/h)
Diesel 8.0 Seconds 104 mph (167.4 km/h)
Vehicle Upgrades

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Nitro Kit
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1978 Era
  • Spawns around LaGuardia.
  • Commonly seen in Hunts Point.
  • Almost always found parked on a small side street on the same road as the Hunts Point branch of Ray's Autos. (9I)
2006 Era

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