Exterior of Corrigan's Safe House.

Corrigan's Safe House is a safe house located in New Jersey, belonging to Corrigan.

The safe house appears as a 3 story building with red clay bricking and terraced-alike stairways leading up to the facade of the building. It is located within New Jersey on the corner of a 4-lane road, which, in turn, is the junction of two perpendicular alleyways leading from two different areas of New Jersey.


The interior of the building, while never seen in the 1978 Era, is heavily damaged, with roofs collapsing and stairways broken. The interior features garbage strew across the floor, old beds, moving boxes, pin-up posters, and several old, cracked portraits. Driers and washing machines can be found in the basement/ground-level of the building. Many of Corrigan's evidence of Rafael Martinez's murder are also found around the building, alongside a laptop with a picture of Slink on a table. The interior can only be accessed during the final mission, Corrigan, in which Corrigan is hiding before being picked-up by his bodyguard helicopter, leading to a massive police shootout and later pursuit. During the mission, numerous stairway traps have to be avoided, revealing the scale of damage to the interior of the building.

Around the rear of the building are power units, guarded by metal fencing, with boxes, containers and waste disposal bins. On the left side of the property is the fire exit stairways which lead down to the inaccessible (with the exception of the aforementioned mission) alleyway which grants access to the rear of the residence.


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