The Colombians are a gang featured in Driver: Parallel Lines.


The Colombians are a large gang present in New York. The name of the gang and appearances of its members suggest the members have a Colombian descent. The Colombians can often be seen driving black Land Roamers. The leader of the Colombians is Rafael Martinez. Martinez is the mastermind behind the whole gang, and is responsible for the cocaine monopoly in New York.


*NOTE: The Colombians only appear inside missions or and/or cutscenes.

1978 EraEdit

The Colombians are first mentioned in the cutscene after the mission Jail Break, in which Candy gets taken out of the prison. Together with the gang featuring TK, Bishop, Slink and The Mexican, Corrigan discusses to start a cocaine trade in New York. However, The Colombians have already a foothold on the drug’s trade. To discourage the gang to continue with the tradements, Corrigan sets up a plan to kidnap their leader and ask a ransom in return. After successfully kidnapping Martinez, the Colombians announce the location of the ransom money in order to get their leader back. However, after TK gets the ransom money, Martinez gets shot by Corrigan, leaving the Colombians behind without a leader.

2006 EraEdit

Although not really playing a role in the storyline, the Colombians do occur in the 2006 Era. Two of its members are present in the final cutscene of the game, after Corrigan has been captured. Together with Maria Cortez, the daughter of Martinez, they can be seen taking Corrigan away, driving off in a black Montara.


  • The gang is commonly misspelled "Columbians" (apostrophe), despite the real life counterpart is written with an 'o' instead of an 'u'. This is commonly seen in subtitles and pre-mission objectives.
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