Circuit Race - Hunts Point is a Circuit Race in Driver: Parallel Lines.


Hunts Point is unique in the way that it is the only track that can directly be accessed from the map. The circuit is surrounded by hills and features mild elevation changes, with the road course itself being enclosed by solid, concrete walls along with indicators and stacks of tires for safety measures. To provide seat areas for visitors, several tribunes and overpasses are placed along the circuit.

The track consists out of many sharp turns, therefore it is suitable for cornering rather than speeding. Using a vehicle with good handling abilities is recommended.

Turn #1: The first turn is a 270 degree-turn and ends in an intersection. The corner can be passed by gently giving short bursts of throttle.

Turn #2: Braking or letting go of the throttle is often not required in this turn. Just don’t turn the car back to the left too early to prevent collision with the left wall.

Turn #3: Turn 3 is a U-turn. Depending on the characteristics of the car being driven, it sometimes is required to let go of the throttle for a split second to prevent the vehicle from understeering. Make sure to turn in at the correct point; missing the apex will result in a loss of time.

Turn #4: Just like turn 2, braking or letting go of the throttle is not required in this section. It is recommended to take the left path, since this section lines up better with your racing line, coming out of turn 3.

Turn #5: This section consists of three turns. A correct racing line is vital since this turn significantly affects your lap time when not being driven correctly. Depending on the car being driven, it can sometimes be beneficial to gently touch the handbrake for faster cornering.




  • $500


  • $1,000
  • The Cerva Racer is unlocked if finishing in first place.




  • $5,000


  • $10,000
  • The BX-9 Racer is unlocked if finishing in first place.


  • $20,000
  • The Kramer Racer is unlocked if finishing in first place.


Hunts Point Circuit Map


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