Characters in Driver: Parallel Lines.

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Terry Kidumms
Quoteleft Meet TK. He's from out west, but home's too slow and too dull for him. He's 18 years old with a sense of humor that gets him into trouble and a grin that gets him right back out; he knows the world's him for the taking. Soon as he can get the money together, first place he heads is New York City. It's the only place wants to be; the only place he can let his ambition off the leash. It's the place where he plans to make one hell of a fortune using the one marketable skill he's got - driving. Quoteright
Driver: Parallel Lines Manual description.
Ray Davies
Quoteleft T.K's hero - his idol. It was ray who first taught TK to drive, back home on the farm. It was Ray - good looking, good-natured Ray - who always had the girls after him. Rays five years older than TK; he came to New York as soon as he could afford the gas to get here and set up a repair shop in Queens as cover for a car-ringing outfit. Quoteright
Driver: Parallel Lines Manual description.
Quoteleft Smooth and superfly, he live to party, to be the centre of attention, tell all the stories, and make everyone laugh. Slink's always been good at providing his clients with whatever the want - hot ladies, good booze, great sounds - but he's also developed an ability to fins other things too: guns, explosives, cars. Quoteright
Driver: Parallel Lines Manual description.
The Mexican
Quoteleft Big in every sense. He loves life, partying, girls, drinks, drugs, guns, bikes, cars, and adrenaline highs. He wants to be the centre of attention - right in the thick of the action. Tired of the small-time, he sees New York as the place to be to strike it big and take his chance to surf the tidal wave of drug money. Quoteright
Driver: Parallel Lines Manual description.
Quoteleft He's the best planner in the business. He's obsessed with details. He'll work night and day figuring out the stats, the timings, the people, the weights, the distances. He thinks of everything. With Candy you get the best...but you also get the worst - apart from the body-odour; Candy just never stops moaning. Quoteright
Driver: Parallel Lines Manual description.
Quoteleft Hard, professional, greedy and cunning - a loner who has trouble trusting anyone other than himself. After three tours in 'Nam, he's come home with new attitudes about his mind and body. Bishop is a guy who nurtures a carefully-controlled ambition, together with a passion for killing and destruction. Quoteright
Driver: Parallel Lines Manual description.
Quoteleft The leader of the gang: a totally commanding presence who knows he's destined for great things. Relaxed, upbeat, super-confident and charming - people just can't help opening up to Corrigan. He's got a great smile and you trust him from the word go, but behind the smile is an amoral, ruthless man. Quoteright
Driver: Parallel Lines Manual description.
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