The Cerva Racer is a muscle racer in Driver: Parallel Lines.


Being a variant of the Cerva, the initial design of the car takes inspiration from the 1972 Buick Riviera, seen particularly heavy in the rear window's design, hood lip, rear arches and the overall American style long, wide bodywork.

Unique to the racer, the vehicle features a racing themed livery, based on a red primary color. The bottom sides of the car in particular are littered with sponsors and companies, with logos found around the entire wheelbase. A strip of conjoined white stars is seen down the side of the doors, dividing the base red color from the lower blue portion of the car. The car also has steel side skirts found on the sides, and steel splitters on the front and rear, acting more as ramming utility rather than for aerodynamic purposes. Also unique to this racing variant is the large red spoiler mounted on the rear, taking a flat yet very upward design. The vehicle also features new steel tornado-style rims with low profile tires.


As with other racing variants, the Cerva Racer receives major enhancements in just about all areas, having more power, a high top speed, more responsive steering line, braking and upgraded traction. It can be noted that the vehicle is significantly weaker than its standard variant, even despite the steel surrounds. Even still, the sheer power of the car means it is a good choice for racing competitors. The upgraded engine performance also results in a higher revving engine and quicker gear changes. The responsive handling makes it less prone to fish tailing and much quicker at steering at higher speeds. Being in the Muscles class, it still sports the traditional V8 engine.

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Gears Engine Acceleration
(0-60 mph)
Top Speed
(mph / km/h)
Vehicle Upgrades

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Stage 3

Nitro Kit
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1978 Era
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Driver 76

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