The Lemire Cerrano is a muscle car in Driver Parallel Lines and Driver 76.

Design Edit

The Cerrano is a two-door muscle car and its shapes resemble that of a 1969 Ford Mustang Shelby/1971 AMC Javelin. The overall rear-side portion of the car and some of the front curvature resembles that of the 1971–1974 Plymouth Road Runner. Though the Cerrano has a straight front, it features a flowing body line. The front consists of single circular headlamps either side of the grille. On the grille, the name ‘Louise’ can be seen. The front grille and headlights are inset with a chrome bumper enclosing the fascia, beneath it the license plate and two fog lights. The rear is similar to the front, in that it features similar round lights (albeit twin sets), a chrome bumper and the name ‘Louise’. Beneath the bumper, twin exit exhaust pipes are placed, tilted upwards about thirty degrees. The stock Cerrano is equipped with a black spoiler on the back and stickers on the roof and B-pillar, similar to both the Road Runner and the Alfa Romeo Montreal.


Bodywork Description License Plate
Cerrano-DPL-Bodywork1 Bodywork 1 — "Flamehawk", this bodywork adds a front splitter and rear diffuser, side skirts at each side of the car and a supercharger, with a large bug catcher sticking through the hood. The stock spoiler on the trunk lid that comes with the stock version of the Cerrano is now replaced by a wing. The bodywork also adds a custom paint job featuring red and orange flames, starting at the front of the car and partly covering the doors and roof. On the hood and rear of the car, logos can be found with the caption ‘Flamehawk’ and ‘Düstorcan’. The Flamehawk logo on the hood is partly covered by the supercharger. HAWK
Cerrano-DPL-Bodywork2 Bodywork 2 — "Karate", this bodywork features a front splitter and rear diffuser as well as running boards at both sides of the car. On the hood a wide intake can be seen. The spoiler on the back of the car has been replaced by a small wing. The livery that comes with the bodywork follows an Asian theme, with the main colors being yellow and brown. On the hood a picture of two fighting men appears, surrounded by the words ‘NYC’ and ‘Ricky tan Karate’. The same image also appears on both sides of the car. On the trunk lid the phone number of the ‘Dojo Hotline’ can be found. On the roof of the vehicle are two Chinese characters. RICKYTAN
Cerrano-DPL-Bodywork3 Bodywork 3 — "Skull Army", this bodywork features a custom paint job with the main colors being pink and black. On the roof, sides and rear area various skeletons can be seen. On the hood, a logo with a white skull can be seen, with the text ‘New York City Chapter’ above it and ‘Skull Army’ beneath it. This logo also appears on the roof of the vehicle and on both sides, near the rear of the car. In terms of accessories, this bodywork is equal to bodywork 2. SKULL
Cerrano-DPL-Bodywork4 Bodywork 4 — "Spirit", this bodywork’s livery features an impression of the American Flag. The body is painted mainly red, with blue and white stripes being present around the whole length of the car. Other stripes can be seen on the hood and side of the vehicle. There are also white stars present in this livery. They can be found on both doors and around the rear area of the vehicle. On the roof, the name ‘Team USA’ and ‘Series Champions 72’’ can be read. On the hood the words ‘Racing Spirit’ can be found, although they are partially covered by the supercharger intake. The bodywork is, in terms of accessories, equal to bodywork 1. SPIRIT

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Performance OverviewEdit

Gears Engine Acceleration
(0-60 mph)
Top Speed
(mph / km/h)
Vehicle Upgrades

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Nitro Kit
Ray's Autos Statistics



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Trivia Edit

  • In the beta version of the game, the Cerrano was initially named the ‘Coyote’.
  • A black variant of the Cerrano is being used by T.K. and Ray. It appears in various cutscenes (even in the 2006 era of the game) and is used by the player as getaway-car in the introduction mission.[1]
    • A red variant of the vehicle is also seen chased by two Zartexs in the introductory scene when loading the game.[2][3]
  • At both sides of the vehicle the abbreviation ‘GT’ (Grand Tourer) can be seen near to the front wheel arch. However, at the right side of the vehicle it is displayed mirrored, as a result of the game using only one image for both sides of the car.
  • The name ‘Ricky Tan’ that appears in bodywork 2 is presumably referring to the martial arts-professional Ricky Tan, a villain in the movie Rush Hour 2.
    • Chronologically speaking this is not correct, since the movie was released in 2001 although the skin is available in the 1978 era.
  • This vehicle shares its rim design with the Rhapsody.
  • The Cerrano features a 1969-1971 Vermont License plate (like its variants), being one of the vehicles not to have a New York licence plate, like the Indiana, Raven, Raven Racer and Hotrod.

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