The Blaine (also known as "BLAINE") is a machine gun featured in Driver: Parallel Lines.


The weapon takes the appearance of a large six-barrel rotary machine gun based on the real-life Minigun. It has a large barrel similar in style to a rotary Gatling gun, and has a large rear motor and the belt-feeding system, just below where the player holds the weapon's handles.

The weapon performs extremely deadly in-game. It has, as expected, a very high fire rate, being the fastest firing weapon in the game. The weapon also has a very large capacity of 500 rounds. The damage caused is superior to all other weapons, excluding explosives, and causes explosions to a vehicle within seconds. The accuracy is mediocre; most other machine guns have much better accuracy, and the range of the weapon is one of the shortest in the game (only being superior to the shotguns), making it impractical for long-range situations. It also slows the player when from running to a slow jog, and cannot be used in Drive-Bys due to its size, unlike all other weapons. It is also extremely costly to maintain, costing $500 for 100 rounds.


  • It is unlocked after the mission Home Wrecker. It is the last weapon unlocked in the game.



  • The weapon is stated to have a capacity of 99 in the HUD, yet according to Ray's Autos, the weapon has a capacity of 100. This is the only weapon which has contradictory ammo capacities. Note that the weapon does not spare 5 bullets after all ammo is used, which would be the case if 99 was the true value of ammo in one load.


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