The Western Motors Andec is a 2-door muscle car in Driver Parallel Lines and Driver 76.


The overall shapes of the Andec are similar to the 1970 Buick GSX . The Andec features a relatively long wheel base and a sharp front with a long hood. The rear of the car is slanted and features flat tail lights, making the rear of the car appear even wider. The Andec is equipped with standard twin-exit exhausts. The front has two air intakes on the hood and two double headlights. On the trunk, the brand 'Western Motors' can be seen.


All four bodyworks share the same additional diffusers at the front and rear of the vehicle.

Bodywork Description License Plate
Andec-DPL-Bodywork1 Bodywork 1 — "Blocky", this bodywork features a black paintjob with several stripes at the side of the car, travelling from the front grill to the rear, as well as stripes on the trunk lid, roof and hood. The trunk lid and hood are mainly painted orange and several black squares and stripes can be seen on them as well. In terms of accessories, the bodywork features a high mounted rear wing, side skirts and two ram air intakes on the hood. BLOCKY
Andec-DPL-Bodywork2 Bodywork 2 — "Toowoomba Cheetahs", this bodywork follows a cheetah theme. The front of the vehicle is red, changing from the A pillar to a cheetah motif with on both sides and roof of the vehicle the contour of a cheetah. A "Toowoomba Cheetahs" logo appears on the hood and trunk, as well as the words "Series Champions 1976" on the roof. In terms of accessories, it features a front bullbar and a wing in the shape of a plane tail with only one support, finished in red. Running boards have been placed at both sides of the vehicle. Also, the hood differs slightly from the stock version of the car. CHEETAH
Andec-DPL-Bodywork3 Bodywork 3 — "The Nightwolf", this bodywork features a blue livery, with the sides of the car being somewhat darker tinted. On the sides of the vehicle, yellow stripes can be seen, starting from the fenders down to the tail of the vehicle. A figure of a howling wolf is displayed on the sides and trunk, with on the hood and trunk the words ‘The Nightwolf’. The bodywork in terms of accessories is equal to bodywork 1. NIGHTWOLF
Andec-DPL-Bodywork4 Bodywork 4 — "Lime", this bodywork features a green paint job with several wave-like brown lines. The brown waves start from the rear of the vehicle and end on the front fenders, partially covering the roof as well. On the hood, the word ‘Lime’ can be seen, written in the same colors as the waves. The bodywork in terms of accessories is equal to bodywork 2, with the wing on the back being finished in green. LIME

Performance Edit

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The Andec can be little bit slidey and has medium acceleration, however its big engine allows it to reach a higher top speed than average.

Performance OverviewEdit

Gears Engine Acceleration
(0-60 mph)
Top Speed
(mph / km/h)
5 V8 Petrol 3.5 seconds 95 mph (152.9 km/h)
Vehicle Upgrades

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Nitro Kit
Ray's Autos Statistics




1978 Era
  • Appears across the entirety of New York in 1978.
  • Particularly common in Brooklyn and in Queens
2006 Era
  • Still appears across New York in 2006, although slightly rarer.


  • In Driver 76, a black Andec is used by Ray. It appears in the introduction mission.


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